Monday, March 01, 2010

New Dog

This is Lilly and she is a pit mix.

She was a stray and we got her at the pound, and she's the best dog ever. I feel that her laser eye beams will make her an especially effective guard dog. It only took her two warnings to get her to think of the cat as a pack member and not prey. They cat is going to take a little longer to convince.

Fortunately I will be able to spend all kinds of time with her starting tomorrow because today is my last day of the semester, then it's on to two months vacation. I will do my last rewrite of Burnside before I send it off to be read by representation, and I will most likely attend some meetings, and I will also play with my new doggy.

This can't come soon enough. I feel like I am drowning in work and life and everything right now. It's just too much. It's time for vacation.


  1. what a cute dog! I didn't know you also owned a cat-- me too. What kind of cat do you have?

    I don't have a dog, but I would like to have one. Cats and dogs always cheer me up.

  2. My kitty is a gray tabby.

    And yeah, I was feeling pretty down yesterday. The pets cheered me right up.

  3. Ah, she's adorable! I would love to have a dog - especially a decently sized dog. Not a squeezie toy dog. I can't imagine I'll be in a place where I can realistically afford one and be able to care for one any time soon though. First big investment once I become a working screenwriting. Maybe before paying off my student loans. ;)

  4. allow me to give my expert opinion:


  5. I also have a gray cat! -- a gray striped tomcat.

  6. We took in a stray pit bull puppy for a couple of months, 'till we found a home for her.

    I'd never realized just what amazing dogs pitts can be - but she really won my heart. (Bummed we can't afford to keep her.)

    It'll be a great thing for both of you.

  7. Congrats on your new rescue, she's darling!


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