Friday, March 23, 2007

I would marry Veronica's Dad too.

I was watching this 2003 short film on IFC called "The Vest" that was really well directed by Paul Gutrecht and well edited and features Kellie Waymire who was amazingly beautiful and has worked all over the place on television.

And the protagonist, her daughter, goes into a room to talk to her father, this balding guy with thick glasses who we only saw from the side and I thought, ok. I'm out of this. In what world would that amazingly beautiful woman marry this guy?

And he leaned back and was Enrico Colantoni.

And I had to laugh at myself.

That'll teach me to prejudge people.


  1. Rico was on my lighting crew in grad school. He's pretty cool.

  2. I adore Rico. He's the sweetest guy, ever. Silly goofy. I got all teary when he was hugging his goodbyes after his last scene shooting this season on VM.

    Our thang was I'd always set up a computer in the sheriff's department for him to play solitare on during lighting set ups. Every year for christmas he buys the crew hats and so when i got mine this year I was feeling cocky and walking around saying how I looked like a director in it. ...soon I hope to write a great role for him then direct him -- wearing the hat of course.

    Sorry for the ramble but this reminds me, Emily, how you feel about actors, which is how I feel about them: I love them. And that's an important part of being a director. So I think you're going to rock hard at directing (along with everything else of course).

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Kelly Waymire sadly died several years ago. She was particularly good on Six Feet Under and very funny on a long-ago episode of Popular.

  4. Thanks, Kellee!

    That explains why he's such a great TV dad. It's hard to act that aimiable if you're not.

    I am so jealous of your job.

  5. Ditto on Emily's comment. I want your job almost as much as I want to go to Emily and Maggie's Battlestar Galactica Parties.



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