Saturday, March 10, 2007

Las Vegas: The Aftermath

Oh Vegas, you will destroy us all.

What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. If it did, my pounding headache would have left me at the California border.

Boys, when you meet a girl at a bar and she gives you her number, do not call her as soon as she leaves the bar. Twice. And the next afternoon. Even if you are Israeli and put way too much starch in your collar. Especially if you put too much starch in your collar.

There are whole portions of last night I don't remember. Unfortunately one of them is not the time I fell down.

I met a kid who's just getting started with Teach for America. I gave him advice on maintaining classroom discipline while shaking my groove thing to Beyonce.

Crap. I just referred to a 22 year old as a "kid".

I'm off to watch my friend's band Rasa 9 play at Cinespace tonight at 10. There's a champagne bar and cheap cover and they're really good. If you live in LA, be there or be Uma Thurmon.

I'm weird.


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    ", do not call her as soon as she leaves the bar. " (best scene in Swingers, that cringing to watch phone call scene)

    Vegas, baby.. we will be there mid June


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