Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick is evil.

Last night I met a girl who went to my high school and graduated two years ahead of me. That was neat. We kept naming people we knew. My mom taught her brothers in middle school.

People from acting class were there and they remembered me and they were still nice.

Some tips for future party goers:

When you drink a car bomb, it is best NOT to pour the Bailey's directly into the Guinness as this results in a drink that looks like vomit.

Do not store your purse in a room where people will be having sex when you want to leave, particularly if person having sex has been kind of an asshole to you all night.

Do not grab a candle from the top as it is falling after some guy bumped it with his butt, for you will burn your hand on hot wax.

If you play pool after drinking a ridiculous amount of rum, you can often kick some ass.

Do have a friend who will drag you to his car and take you home even though you insist that the best course of action is to sit in your car until you can drive, even though that may be three hours away.

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