Thursday, April 19, 2007

The best things in life

So Just Me accidentally started a meme and tagged me because I pointed it out. So here we go. Five things I'm grateful for. With pictures.

1) My cat. His name is Cyrano de Greenville but sometimes I call him by his street name, C Note. He's big and muscular and constantly hungry. He has all his claws and even though I warn people they still think it will be great fun to play with him until he rips the flesh off their palms. But he loves people and has never met a stranger. If he doesn't love you I know you must be evil. I have had many kidnapping threats launched against him because everybody loves my kitty.

2) My awesome apartment in my awesome neighborhood in this awesome town. I feel like I've spent my entire life making my way here. I love LA. And ever since I moved to LA I've been wanting to live near Larchmont. I just walked there this morning and got a bagel. I can see the Hollywood sign from my lovely balcony and I have hardwood floors and a dishwasher and the perfect amount of room for one girl and a cat. And the eternally blue sky always shines through my windows.

3) My friends. They're cool. And they help me out with things like making movies and throwing parties and boxing practice and advice and comfort when I get all sad and hating that boy I was having a casual relationship with when I walked in on him in bed with some girl at a party. I didn't have that many close friends for the past few years but the people I've met since I moved to LA are awesome.

4) Chocolate and nuts. Almond Joys, Mr. Goodbar, trail mix, I don't care. If there's a nut of some kind and there's chocolate involved, I'm all over it. Feel free to make all the dirty jokes you like because I already did. Chances are, if it's a dirty joke I thought of it first.

5) Hot dudes. There are so many, especially in LA. The gym is like a cornucopia of defined biceps. And I can't help it. I love biceps and the chests they're attached to. The guy in the picture? He lives here. He's like my big brother. My hot big brother with perfect abs.

That's what I'm grateful for. I hope the people in the pictures don't mind me using them. Now I tag people to spread the love.

Speaking of cool friends I've met in LA...

And as always, and because I know she'll do it...


  1. So, since I like to keep my blog all screenwriting-y, I'm going to respond to the meme here. (And thanks for the tag!)

    1. The fact that I live in a country that is economically well-off, that has (generally speaking) enough food and somewhat good healthcare and education, in which I'm free to practice my religion and do whatever I want (within reason) and go wherever and etc...

    2. My friends. I am the luckiest man alive to be blessed with the number and quality of friends that I have. Period.

    3. Family. Though I'm not as close with my family as others are, I treasure them, and they made me who I am.

    4. Music. 'nuff said.

    5. A brain. No, I'm not saying I'm some supergenius, or that I'm smarter than everyone else. But I know I'm not idiot, and that sure as hell makes my life a lot easier than it would be otehrwise.

    Thanks for asking. :-)

  2. The abs on that last guy are so nice I'd do him.

  3. Thanks for sharing Joel. I forgot about your screenwriting only rule.

    As for guy in picture, yeah. It's kind of hard to concentrate when he's talking. He's way too pretty for this world. And he also happens to be a really great person. I want to know where his mold is so I can make more of him.


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