Sunday, April 01, 2007

Today is recovery day

You know it was a good party when you wake up and find that a piece of cheap furniture has been obliterated and you have a mysterious bruise on your arm and the inside of your thumb.

I woke up this morning still drunk but also with a hangover. I didn't know that was possible.

My cat is a freaking party animal.

I now have eight million gallons of tequila, a couple of bottles of vodka and a case of beer. Swing by my place sometime and watch me turn into Amy Winehouse.

Did you know they make blueberry vodka?

One of my guests confessed he has never seen Star Wars. He was immediately beaten with a light saber as punishment.

I'm not kidding.


  1. Last night was also a fun night for me, although most parties I go to are really about me avoiding the scary girls while also being polite, friendly, etc. There were also the very pretty but FAKE girls, who really drive me crazy. After looking hard enough, I found the type I like - the down-to-earth genuine common sense girl who after one conversation you realize you could be very happy with a girl like that.

    So I got two phone numbers.


  2. Were the Icy Hot Stuntaz at your party?

    I woke up with a jello shot on my forehead once. What's worse is, I did the shot after discovering it.

    Is that bad?

  3. Sorry I had to leave so early -- sounds like I missed the really good debauchery! I'm already hearing (in my head) what Writing Partner is saying to you about this party! ;-)

  4. Writing Partner is concerned that I'm drinking too much because Partner is way too zen for comfort. I reminded him that it was my house and I didn't have to drive. Why would I not drink?

    Good job, MM. Call those ladies. Bowchickawow.

    You shouldn't waste Jello shots, so I say as long as it wasn't warm, go for it.

  5. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Yes, you can be drunk and hung-over at the same time. Hung-over is from being dehydrated, and drunk is from the remaining alcohol. I've been there myself a time or three.

    Yes I did know they made blueberry flavored vodka, amongst many other flavors.

    Ah, I wouldn't have bludgeoned him for not seeing Star Wars. On the other hand I would have duct-taped him to a chair and gone for a marathon of SW, ESB, and RotJ. :D


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