Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Road Warrior

Tonight Maggie and I attended a free screening at Citywalk of the first hour of Tim Minear's Drive which will air in its two hour entirety this Sunday on Fox.

Nathan Fillion was kind enough to stumble in and give the crowd an energetic intro before disappearing with his entourage so he didn't get mobbed by the crazy Firefly fans. He's so adorable. He looked right at me and Maggie, I think because of the combination of sitting directly in his line of sight and under a bright light, although I'd also like to believe it was the adorable pigtails.

Why on earth he is not a major movie star yet is a complete mystery because when that man's face is onscreen he dominates the scene. Most likely this show will launch him into the public eye in the way that Firefly should have. Of course, this is coming to you from someone who has his giant head on her living room wall in the form of a Serenity movie poster.

Don't worry about spoilers in this post. Nathan said if we gave out spoilers "they" would know and most likely come to destroy us, or something to that extent.

Just know that Drive is filled with really interesting characters and lots of cool action and clever twists and turns and mysteries and wry little jokes. As is typical of anyone who's worked in the Buffyverse, Tim Minear keeps to the tradition of juxtaposing the awesome action moment with the most absurd thing that could happen to turn a money shot into a joke. That's why it has to be Nathan. The man can turn on a dime.

You don't totally know what's going on with this race but you feel the urgency, largely because the act breaks are perfectly organized. I was really glad I didn't have to wait for commercials and I'm a little annoyed at having to wait three days to see what happens next. There's moral ambiguity coming up and that's always a good thing.

On the drive home from the screening I not only eyed my fellow travelers for suspicious behavior but I carefully suppressed my desire to ram them all off the road. There's just something about fast cars that makes everybody excited. So we should see an influx of crazy driving all over the country now if this show takes off like it should. Thanks Tim Minear.

I'm interested to see how speccable this show will be. If it stays on the air. God, I hope it stays on the air.

Tomorrow: A free screening of John August's The Nines. It's Two Guys and a Girl alumni screening week.

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