Monday, April 23, 2007

Maybe we'll get Snow Patrol on the soundtrack

Partner and I have a new exciting idea.

We've been tossing around several theories about our next collaboration and finding nothing that aroused us both. Then today Partner said he's working on a new short that he wants me to read. He says since he doesn't have that much writing experience he'd prefer to practice on shorts a while before he writes something bigger again.

This gave me an idea.

I have a short that I wrote just for the hell of it a month ago. It ended up being pretty good and not far off of the themes in Game Night. So I said to Partner, "Dude!"

And he said, "What?"

And I said, "We could totally do a movie based on short films that all connect. Like Four Rooms. Or Go."

And he said, "Hmmmmmm."

And I talked to Lead Actor and he said, "Oh yeah."

And then I said, "What ideas do you have for your character that you want me to explore?"

And he said, "I have lots. But I'm at work right now so please stop IMing me every two seconds with your eureka moments and questions about Snow Patrol lyrics."

So I punched him in the face.

Just kidding. I need his face to look pretty. Also I can't punch him through the computer because of physics.

But he's stoked because it means our little short becomes part of a feature and he now gets feature credit and a salary. So it's not like he'd be opposed to the idea.

So what we're going to do is write about six other shorts to accompany the one we already have. Each will be a piece of the lives of the characters in Game Night, which will serve as the final piece as soon as we add a coda. I'm taking two of the characters and Partner is taking the others.

We're still going to film Game Night more or less as is. But now we have something real to do with it. Before we wanted to use it to build resumes and submit to festivals to advance everybody's career. Now we need it to interest people with money so they'll pay us to make the rest of the story.

Don't you just love ideas?

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  1. I do love ideas, and that one sounds really fun. It's like a win-win ... lacks the pressure and difficulty of shooting a feature, but results in a feature anyway ... Emily, how do you do it?!


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