Friday, November 06, 2009

Supernatural lampoons your show

For the past couple of seasons, Supernatural - the only show that makes the CW worth not obliterating - has been super serious. When they started, the show had this serious plot but with lots of comedic elements thrown in, mostly due to the comedy stylings of the perfect specimen of a man that is Jensen Ackles.

But a couple of seasons ago they sent his Dean to Hell and he's been kind of pissy ever since, and then there was Sam turning into some kind of demon vampire and then the end of the world came and nobody was really laughing.

The past few episodes, however, the writers have gone back to funner times. This week's episode in particular made me giddy.

The premise, if you didn't see it, was that Sam and Dean were trapped in one television show after the next, starting with Dr Sexy, MD.

It was Gray's Anatomy. It was so much Gray's Anatomy that I'm not even sure it counts as a parody because it was so dead on. Everybody was fucking everybody else, a ridiculously sentimental soundtrack swelled, and people described these absurd surgeries for even more absurd conditions. I only wish they could have found a way to reference the fact that the guy playing the ghost character on Gray's Anatomy was also their dad.

They ended by poking fun at CSI: Miami, which of course meant they both did the David Caruso like five times. It was some excellent David Carusoing.

So if you love TV and parodies of TV like I do, go over to Hulu or Itunes or maybe the CW if it's there and watch last night's Supernatural. It was just so damned delightful I could have pinched myself.

Kudos, everyone involved, on a job well done.


  1. hellresident8:43 PM

    Well, the closest they could get to referencing that Papa Winchester was a ghost on GREY'S ANATOMY without elbowing the audience in a "wink-wink nudge-nudge" manner was having Sam and Dean wondering out loud (like many people did with GA last season) why the hell there were ghosts running around the hospital. Dean had no idea, but that didn't stop things at Seattle Mercy Hospital from being entertaining.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take some Herpexia.

  2. dr. sexy? i wonder if they are also adam and joe fans:


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