Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving thanks giving

Today is all about feeling grateful, so I stopped moping long enough to think about all the things I'm thankful for.

I have a house. I can't move into the house, but I have a house. A lot of incredible people helped make that happen.
I have a great boyfriend in the Beefcake. He's good people and we're good for each other.
My cat is not dead. It was touch and go there for a while, but now it looks like he'll squeeze out a few more happy years and he'll get to play in our new yard. Plus he's the best cat ever. Even the vet said so.
My mom is not dead. She almost was, but she's okay now.
I am healthy and I have a job with good benefits. Sometimes I even love my job.
I get to write screenplays whenever I feel like it. It's fun.
Chocolate. It exists.

Your turn, if you feel like it.

And happy Thanksgiving!


  1. On this day we pause to reflect
    As a people, a nation, indivisible we pray
    We remember those things
    Which just yesterday we neglected
    Like safety and shelter and hope for tomorrow

    On this day we prepare
    From the bounty God has provided
    And we freely share with those
    Who feel forgotten by God

    There is so much
    For which we give th...anks
    And so infrequently
    We remember to offer it

    Let us remember to be greatful
    And to give thanks each day
    For the blessings God has granted
    Not just today, but always and every day

  2. I have a job doing something I'm good at and that gives me time to write. I have a great girlfriend. My family is pretty healthy and very good looking. My arm healed. My dog cracks me up...and the new script is just rolling outta my head like a highway. And I know Emily and Beefcake!


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