Monday, November 09, 2009

Why, Wolverine?

Curious to see why Wolverine: X Men Origins was so horrible, I jumped it ahead in my queue - Ahead of Wasabi even. I knew what would happen, but I did it anyway.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Okay maybe you don't, but I do. I keep watching these movies I know are going to suck ass. Hell my finger lingered over adding Tranformers 2 to my queue yesterday. Am I on crack? Maybe.

Wolverine really is about the WHYs.

Why can't Wolverine's brother Victor, who appears to have the same power as he does, be the one who gets the adamantium skeleton?

Why are they trying to kill Wolverine if he's their big new weapon?

Why didn't Stryker lock Logan up the same way he locked up everybody else?

Why did Victor kill those other mutants instead of capturing them like he did some of the mutants?

Why does Gambit sound like a midwestern frat boy?

Why is Gambit even in this movie?

How does Victor always know where Logan is?

Why was the blob not a blob until late in life?

Why does Victor wait six years before coming after his former team mates?

Why did a studio hand over its tent pole film to a director with a history of making shitty B movies and Stargate SG1 episodes?

Why? WHY?????


  1. yeah... um... it was TERRIBLE.

    do NOT watch Transformers 2, either. I only saw it because I was visiting my sister in DC and I was meeting up with a myspace buddy and there weren't anything else showing, so we ended up watching that shitfest in Chinatown, surrounded by horny Army guys.

    I tried not to fall asleep during the movie.

  2. Do not watch Transformers 2. Possibly the worst big budget movie I've ever seen. Completely incompetent film making. Not even good in a cheesy, action movie way.

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I say watch Transformers 2 just to see the sheer retardedness. It may have given me a tumor, but I was able to points out a billion fallacies and errors. Its a good exercise for callin a movie on it's shit. I saw it to see what all the hubbub was about.. and surprise surprise, all true!

  4. And WHY did they CGI the claws EVERY TIME?

    "Do you think we should use some real claws for the close-up?"

    "But how will we make them spark when the touch?"

    "Good point. CGI-it!"

  5. Am glad to say I missed both "Wolverine" and "Transformers 2." I did, however, catch "Terminator Salvation" and I honestly believe there may not have been a completed script involved with it's making.

    I wish I were kidding.

  6. Yeah I tried really really hard to like Terminator: Salvation. It was just chock full of problems.

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