Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why we are not moving today

I'm in the middle of what one would call a clusterfuck.

We rushed like crazy to get our paperwork done for the house so we could close before Thanksgiving. I mean we busted our asses as did our agent and our mortgage broker, and got everything in under the deadline.

Then someone at the title company decided to pick our file at random to audit.

We were supposed to move in Saturday. Then today. Now, best case scenario, the sellers agree to let us have access to the house starting Wednesday. Worst case scenario, we get in the house Monday, which is November 30 and the last day I can be in my apartment, but we still have to wait until whatever time the bank officially does their loan thing. Except we still get to pay interest on the four days we can't get in the house.

I would like to personally thank Bank of America, who kept us waiting an hour and a half the other day to do something that in the end took them 10 minutes to do, and by the time it was finished we had passed a deadline we needed to close Friday. Thank you, guy who told us he'd be right back then went to get lunch. I needed this added stress so that you could get your Koo Koo Roo ten minutes earlier.

Excuse me while I scream.


  1. that blows. Good luck with the house move and all, dude.

  2. That sucks! I'm also guessing if you're like other teachers I know, you can't exactly take random personal days without getting a bunch of crap...

  3. Thanks, DIMA.

    And actually Grant, I don't take many days off so it's not really that big a deal. I've been feeling exhausted from dealing with third period anyway so this has turned into a rest day.

  4. Wow, you've had a rough week or so. Sorry! Glad the house *will* get sorted soon. Too bad we can't say that about the education budget...

  5. Know what else sucks? My sattelite tv is getting cut off tomorrow and I already packed the DVD player.

  6. Oh dear God NO, please, if you can, find SOME way to escape the clutches of Bank of America (tough to do, I know... I believe their initial moniker was Engulf & Devour, LLC or something...)

    Our mortgage was purchased by the devils at BOA last year and since then they've sent forclosure notices three times... even though we've never been tardy. They told us once that "sorry, it was a computer error BUT you may have to go to court anyway, sorry, our hands are tied."

    To give you a clear idea of how BOA works, watch the old Terry Gilliam classic BRAZIL.

    Best of luck to you!

  7. Oh no, our mortgage isn't with them. A friend of mine works there and told me never to get a mortgage with them, so I feel for you.

    We were just there to get the routing number for a wire transfer. That was it. We needed someone to give us a number.

  8. ouch...totally sucks!!


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