Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finale thoughts

Finale season is almost over. Here's some thoughts and minor spoilers.


Everybody's all forgiving over Jack. Yes, he's usually right. But he also breaks the law at least five times every day. And let's not forget that the entire last crisis that ended up with a bunch more dead people and almost started WW3 only happened because Jack wanted to rescue his crazy girlfriend.

I totally predicted the ending: they finally let Jack go to the bathroom. Why else would he jump out of a perfectly good helicopter into the ocean? He needed to take a wiz. Did you see the look of joy on his face? The man hadn't been allowed a potty break for 23 1/2 hours.

Nathan Patrelli saves the day. I like how Siler still tried to play himself off as the good guy, even though he used his last breath to prevent Hiro from stopping Peter. And I loved the way all the heroes came together in a way that didn't feel forced. I believed it was completely natural that all these people should be in this one spot at this one time. I think it's too bad Peter didn't meet Linderman before the old man died. Healing would have been a nice power for Peter to have. I wonder if he was close enough to DL or Mollie to pick up their powers? I'm pretty sure he was close enough to Nikki. Does that mean next season will be about his split personality?

One thing bothers me, though. Clair wasn't the only one who could stop Peter. Anybody with a gun could have stopped Peter. Nathan got right next to him. And speaking of which, if somebody had just shot Peter he'd have been out for a while but he'd have survived, so did Nathan really have to give his life for the cause? And couldn't Peter have flown himself into space instead of letting his brother do it?

According to TV Guide both Nathan and Peter will be back next season. So how the hell did Nathan live through that? Maybe Peter tossed him away right before he exploded. I dunno. I'll definitely be planted in front of my TV to find out though.


Ohhhhh maybe that's how Nathan will be back. Peter might have absorbed Nikki's split personality along with her power. Maybe he'll be fighting his inner Nathan. Oh, that's deep.

Or not.

Ok so that's clearly several things that bothered me. But despite all my questions, I love this show. I want to hold it at night as I fall asleep.


Veronica Mars

That first hour began with some seriously weak joke delivery. Weevil looked really uncomfortable explaining how he was "easy like Sunday morning". The reference to Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 being a whore was kind of hilarious though. I had to pause it and explain to my friends why that was so funny. Although for the record, Rob Thomas the singer is actually a very smart, funny guy. I saw him once at a taping of the Bill Maher show.

Oh, Logan. Now I remember why Veronica loves you. I'm also really glad we got to finally see Dick begin his desperately needed emotional meltdown. I wish we could have seen more of that. There needs to be more of that show, dammit. Rumor has it Rob Thomas the writer is going to attempt a feature film. Here's hoping.

Grey's Anatomy
Christina catharsis: good. Confusing explanation of who won the chief's race: bad.

I would think with Callie as chief that would be the perfect time for George to repeat his intern year. That makes for excellent conflict. But it looks like they're going the other way, which would be a shame. Put the people in conflict together, dammit. We need an episode with Callie and Izzie trapped in a basement together or something. But that might be a little too ER.

Speaking of Izzie, Jesus. Dumb blond indeed. I don't get why anybody would want George, much less two women who are vastly smarter and more beautiful. I do like that George failed his exam because he was too worried about Meredith failing her exam.

Derrick is a moron. What possible good could come from you telling your girlfriend that flirting with another woman made you feel good about yourself? He's so needy. I think I see why Addison slept with Sloan. He's the opposite of needy.

How awesome was that? The car crashes, the sex scenes, the mysterious explanation for the people behind it all. Sheer genius.

America's Next Top Model
I was pulling for Rene, but I'll accept Jaslene. My kids were happy about a Latina coming out the winner, and that one picture of her as a boy was just stunning. Why do I hate Natasha so much? What did they do that manipulated me into not liking the sweetest girl in the group? Maybe it's that same bitchy girlness that made all the other models gang up on her. She's too cheery. It's creeptastic. And she's a mail order bride who nuzzles the phone when she talks to her husband. My intimate familiarity with her sexual habits makes me uncomfortable.

I haven't watched it yet so nobody tell me anything.


  1. Locke is a robot and the island is a hologram. Lost is just a cover for "StarTrek the Next Next Generation" starting off fall '09!

    Oh and Evangeline Lilly will be Captain!

  2. LOST was incredible, but Heroes was the worst seaon finale I've ever seen.

    I couldn't disagree with yu more, the characters started to feel contrived and the fact that they were in the same place at the end felt so forced and was totally not believable.

    That show is off my list next season.

  3. Wow. That's kind of angry sounding. Did Heroes kill your family?

    I guess to each his own. You'll be missing the awesomeness.

    Why, SP? Why did you do that? Now I'm not even gonna bother watching.

  4. Don't believe him, Emily. Gary Coleman is going to be the Captain.

    Though when do you do watch Lost, explain the ending to me :-)

  5. I don't know why everyone hated Natasha so much...

    Lost was amazing! I only got to watch it this morning. You'll like it, I think. : )


  6. I love Heroes so much, yet I was a little disappointed by the finale.

    The buildup was such that I expected a hell of a fight between Peter and Sylar, and instead we ended up with them sissy-slapping one another until a semi-cheesy cliffhanger ending.

    I still love the show, as one disappointing episode doesn't undo the other 23 amazing ones - so I'm totally on board for Season 2.

    Go Hiro! ;)

  7. Yes, Heroes killed my family. Clever.

    It was awful and I wouldn't be too surprised if it was gone by next season's end.

  8. Anonymous3:48 AM


    If you check this, what didn't you understand about the Lost finale?

    I felt that Lost was incredible, 24 was decent, Heroes was a dissapointment, and Veronica Mars was good but left me wanting more. Which for a series finale isn't good.

  9. I didn't understand what the whole flash-forward meant in the context of the show, and what it means for the next three seasons.

    I get it, but I don't GET it.


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