Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's never too early to think about Expo

In case you haven't heard, Eric Bauer sold Creative Screenwriting.

The Expo will still go on October 24-28 the same place it was last year at the Marriott and Renaissance Hotels by LAX. Let's hope they don't have to share it this year with three other conventions. Registration is already open even though they don't know who will be speaking. It doesn't look like the new company is changing much yet.

I may be involved a little more heavily with the Expo this year, so I'll post more information as I receive it.


  1. I'm there. Eric is managing the event (or something) and basically went back to everyone from last year for this year.

    - Bill

  2. If you're an aspiring screenwriter thinking of attending save your money instead of shelling out close to 100 bucks to sit in the basement of the Marriott (plus you have to pay several bucks for tickets to hear people speak)...I was really disappointed with the Expo last year. For the most part, it was nothing more than them trying to sell you stuff. If you want to meet fellow screenwriters, start a writer's group, or go to any LA Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Peets, Urth Cafe, Insomnia, etc.

    The entire event seemed so exploitative - aspiring screenwriters from Idaho, Minnesota, Seattle, etc. flocking to LA to hear speakers and pay for pitches while being encouraged to buy brass fasteners, overpriced books, useless DVD's, etc.

    I didn't meet one professional writer that was attending that event as a non/speaker.

    And no, Emily, the Expo didn't kill my family (that's a horrid expression btw).

  3. Don't hate on my expression just because you can't think of a better one.

    Chillax, Allen.

    One of the reasons Expo was so disappointing last year is that the hotel triple booked the weekend. As long as they don't do that this year things should go smoothly. I think they learned their lesson.

    I agree the pitch fest is a waste of time.

    But there are good speakers and there are bad speakers. As soon as they post the catalogue I'll post about which ones are which.

    If you're worried about money I'd recommend volunteering. I've done that two years in a row now and found it very rewarding.

  4. Yes, that's why I'm hating on the expression, because I can't think of something more intelligent than that...

    The fact that they triple booked the hotel was just the tip of the iceberg...even if you have tons of money to plunk down I would not recommend anyone waste their time attending the Expo. There's better ways to learn and network.

  5. but didn't you think Carrie Fisher was annoying as all hell??!

    My god. I almost couldn't watch that show because of her personality. She made me want to throw the jello i was eating at the SCREEN.

    They need to change the judges. And someone needs to tell Gary Marshal to shut the hell up about women.


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