Saturday, May 19, 2007


Two things I need some advice on:

1)My brakes are both making a funny noise and feeling funny when I hit them and I'd like to get that repaired before I crash and die. Anybody know a good, reasonably priced mechanic in the South Hollywood - Hancock Park area or thereabouts? Bonus points if they're open on Sundays.

2)For the coke snorting scene in Game Night, DP said we can have Lead Actor snort Vitamin D. DP says it burns your nose but doesn't screw up your brain. Lead Actor is willing to take one for the team but wondered if he couldn't substitute Vitamin C instead. Something about water soluble and better for your body. I dunno. Anybody know anything about this?

Update: Brakes fixed. Pep Boys. Keep the coke suggestions coming.


  1. We always used white Smarties (you know the candies that come in a roll with the twisted ends) to simulate drugs. It stings a little at first, but it leaves a very sweet taste in the nose. Also very good for that "Is it pure?" moment when actors rub it on their gums under their pursed lips. Although that action, from what I hear, is just a movie myth.

    I suppose you could use pixie sticks too which would limit the need to crumble up candy after candy.

    I've done it since I was a kid without any ill effects.

  2. Not just a myth.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. You could just have him snort actual coke. That's pretty safe, and comes with my personal seal of approval. ;)

  4. one time i snorted a pea.

    ...but i was 5, and i don't think that helps you.

  5. My friend that does Props says "...a product that most drug stores carry called BC Headache
    Powder that I've used before. It will also burn just a bit, but it's
    totally doable and makes you feel real cool, like Chris Farley. I've
    heard of people using Vitamin C as well, and think that it would be
    okay. Not so sure about Vitamin D, but I'm sure it would be fine.
    Crushed baby Aspirin works too."

  6. Sprinkle the crushed up vit D on your brakes...

  7. from our prop guy:


    A white "therapeutic" powder that is harmless when snorted,

    Buy it at GNC.

    Who says lurkers can't be helpful?

    Inositol Powder


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