Sunday, May 06, 2007

Let's hear it for the boys

We're not going to talk about last night. It's way too soon for my broken heart.

Except to say that that second fight was so boring I was looking behind the guys to see what famous people I could spot. When guys beat the crap out of each other for money, they really should do it with more flare.

Anyway, on my way to the bar to watch the fight Writing Partner and I discussed the latest development on the script. I've been having a major conundrum with one of my chapters and desperately needed his help.

We have this character who needs to do something at the very end of the story. I love what she does and I love how our story ends. The problem is, I can't make it work. The thing the character does is great for the story but doesn't make a whole lot of sense in our modern world. There's just no reason the other characters would let her do what she does.

So I called up Partner and said Help!

And he made all kinds of suggestions about how we could change the whole story around.

And I said no, I like our story as it is. I just need to know how this character gets away with what she does. We agreed to think and talk later and then we hung up.

Five minutes later as I was headed into the bar he called again, excited. He had it. And when I heard the idea he was right. It solves all my logistical problems and at the same time helps give me a direction to go in during my chapter about the girl, which is something else I was having trouble getting my head around.

And we did this all without fighting. It was nice.

That's what's so fascinating about this project. We have these pieces. We know how the whole thing ends and begins and some of the parts in the middle but we have to figure out how to get from place to place. And we're doing it out of sequence so we have to make sure our characters stay consistent.

It's fun, and definitely the most original project I've ever been a part of. It's helpful that Lead Actor is also excited and supportive and willing to read lines with me and find me other actors when the time comes and perform my scene in his class where I can watch. It helps keep the fire under my ass to have these two guys to bounce ideas off of.

Hooray for my support network. Everybody needs one.


  1. writing partners are neat, huh?

    I always make mine do a few push-ups and a few laps, just to keep them in line. I mean, they need to know who the real boss is...

  2. Okay - that's enough topless men, missy. Either you start balancing this shit out with lucious female boobies, or I'm boycotting.



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