Thursday, April 13, 2006

3,000 students on 124 pages

I got the yearbook back. At my last school I was in charge of yearbook for three years. Best. Class. Ever. Preppy teenage girls who like to chat about what happened last night on The O.C. or American Idol while I bounce around giving advice and being creative.

Oddly, since I've moved to California and have been out fo the yearbook loop, I've stopped watching The O.C. or American Idol. It seems my new yearbook-obsessed who will be Prison Break. These girls lust over Michael Scoffield, not Seth Cohen.

But I get to start yearbook now. We don't really have any money, and the book as is will be way too short and have way too few copies, but it's a start. I get to start from scratch at least, not have to worry about the old biddies who've decided nothing should ever change. I get to make the rules. Watch out.

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