Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacation plans

Vacation is coming up again in a little under two weeks so I'm starting to plan my activities.

I can't afford to travel this time, although I do have a few fine people coming to visit me so that will be fun. I get to meet Mr. and Mrs. Beefcake, which I admit is quite intimidating. Plus my mommy is coming to visit and I have to take her to see Hearst Castle, where much of my zombie story takes place. I'll probably have to restrain myself from running around pretending to shoot zombies so I don't embarrass my mother.

And at some point next month I'm going to start taking Jujitsu. Because OMG fun.

I also plan to get some work done over the break because when you have a job that affords you 4 months of vacation a year, you feel like a loser if you just watch movies and visit castles all the time.

I'm taking a class to get a certification for work, but it's online. Basically I'll be spending most of my vacation days on the couch again with my laptop on my legs, and that's exactly how I like it.

I'm finally winding down my revision on Not Dead Yet. There have been vast improvements over the past few months and I think with a few more passes I'll have that thing perfected and ready to throw into the fray again.

When that's done, I want to start something new. I know I was supposed to finish Fear of Clowns and... well I liked the idea so much at first but I've just found myself so reluctant to work on the damn thing. I had to force myself to complete the first draft and I feel like it's just not a solid story. I'd like to think I'll come back to it. Maybe I'll do a pass on it just to clean it up enough for an outside opinion on what I'm doing wrong. Right now parts of it don't even make sense.

I hate that crap. I hate feeling kind of excited about an idea, then sort of losing interest as it doesn't turn out to be the fun zombie blasting time you thought you were after. Maybe I should just stop writing anything that's not an action adventure story.

Speaking of which, I think my next story will be an untitled thing about a girl who's looking for her long lost daddy. It's based on a backstory I created for a character I had planned to use in a space bounty hunter pilot I never wrote. I realized if I took her story and set it in the present I could write a really kickass action script with a teenage female lead. I'm still working out the details and right now I could use a McGuffin.

It feels fun right now so I think I'll go with that one. I just hope it doesn't turn into another wasted effort. I cannot ride through life on zombies alone.

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  1. yo, I'm also feeling down on my novel. I guess it's alright, but I feel like i've lost steam with it.

    well, I hope you have a good, relaxing holiday. Good luck meeting "Mr and Mrs Beefcake."


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