Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I managed to get my hands on an old copy of the Open Assignments list and look it over today. Even though it was an out-of-date list - like 6 months out of date - and many of the assignments have been filled, I still enjoy looking over what kind of projects are available at any given time and the notes that accompany each one.

This time, every time I came across a project I thought I could handle, I copied it into a list. I plan to watch these projects as they progress through the system. I even took a few notes on production companies and executives associated with the scripts I especially want in on. I might query some of those companies.

I noticed a large amount of action comedies, especially high concept action comedies. A lot of remakes, of course, most of which are totally unnecessary. Overboard is just fine the way it is. Leave it the fuck alone.

Many of the films were sequels to movies that don't need sequels, but I guess if we can do a sequel to Wall Street we can do a sequel to Death Race.

And if we can make a movie about Legos, I guess Jem and the Holograms should be no sweat.

I tell you what needs to be fast tracked. The Mariah Carey shopgirl Christmas movie.

There's one remake on there that probably shouldn't be made, but I still want it so bad I could spit. My current project is a perfect example of why I should do this particular film, and as soon as I finish it I'm querying the company in charge. It's a long shot, but fuck it. Why not?

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