Friday, May 27, 2011

Stuff from this week

I was wondering where the week went when I remembered where the week went: yearbooks and Fable.

Yearbooks came out this week, and the senior class has been a real asshole about it. This is the coolest book we've ever done and it looks great even though we had extra work to do this year and less time in which to do it. I had no seniors on my yearbook staff. Actually, scratch that - I had one senior who was responsible for the senior section who just disappeared along with the pictures halfway through the year. So the senior section is thin. I begged and pleaded with the senior class to give me some photos and they shrugged their shoulders. So now they're all pissy and spreading bad press about the book, which is making it difficult to sell.

So get ready. Class of 2011 seems to want a whole lot for nothing.

Anyhow, I also got a new XBox. Ours was stolen over a year ago, but we finally got a new one last weekend so I could start over with my character on Fable 2. This time I'm doing all the side shit and dyeing my hair and stuff, and I'm taking the relationship shit seriously. Like, sure, I could go buy a shitty house and marry the first villager who demands a ring, but fuck that. I want a guy who's going places like Sam the alchemist or Greg the bookseller: upstanding citizens of Albion. And I will buy a nice house in a nice part of town with my earnings. No sleeping in the Gypsy caravan for me.

I love games like Fable because you control the story. The first time through this game I married a nerdy dude, but he seemed unhappy, so I took him to his favorite place to try to cheer him up with a picnic. We were attacked by bandits, and while I ran off to kill them all he was stabbed to death. That was really sad. Like for a minute I was really broken up about that. I just wanted him to be happy, and I got him killed instead.

So I'm waiting a while before I get married this time. I want to be a responsible ass kicking wife and homeowner. Sure I like to raise the dead to slaughter my enemies, but that doesn't mean I don't have love to give.

I still can't be a bad guy, though. No matter how many of these role playing games I get into, I still can't be bad.


  1. You're an odd duck. But you give good blog. :)

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    All I wanted to do was figure out the puzzles on Knothole Island and then maybe dye my hair and then go sleep in Brightwood Tower... and then, hey... where'd my week go? Um, yeah. It just ate three hours of my day.

  3. I don't know what Fable is, but that description totally cracked me up. As did your cat pic. I hope someday you will make both the alchemist and the seniors very happy!

  4. Love your blog Emily! And having worked at 2 schools now I have great respect for what great teachers do for young people.

  5. Haha, so funny, can't play bad guy. Mate same, 5 yr old daughter too (emphatically, "I could never play a bad guy"), but, checked, you're not a leo, then asked darling (gameland creative, steeped in games) how common this stance, he said not at all, most folks more casual. But you two do share similar parental influence, as well as deep intelligence and passion, so if you ever come across another with similar stance, see if my hypothesis holds.

    The seniors remind me of 3.5 yr old, first flush of "omg I exist," entirely untempered by sense of consequences. My parental approach would be, no, no new book, but book is about celebrating and honoring year, so what can be done. How about insert, insert quality could serve as reminder to do the goddamn work, and keep budget low. Budget from ads, double or quadruple rate whatever book ad rate (seniors prime ad target, and next gen purchasers), or eg one business gets back cover to do with as they wish as long as they pay for whole thing. And the seniors would have to do most or all of work.

    Hurry up with your Fable II quests, Fable III is out.

  6. And happy belated birthday!

  7. Forgot to share game you might enjoy, Witcher 2, non-linear, first to step beyond good/bad:

    And omg this made us laugh, yay long weekend and Leonard Nimoy:

  8. Those games give me high blood pressure.

    I either can't understand them or someone kills me in the first 4 minutes.


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