Friday, July 29, 2011

Great movie weekend

You hear all the time about how much Hollywood sucks, movies are all derivative, there's nothing worth seeing, it's the worst year ever, blah blah blah.

This weekend I am flummoxed because there are so many things I want to see, but I don't have time to spend all day in the theater.

Forget about the fact that I still haven't seen Harry Potter. I'm not fond of small children, and I'm even less fond of them in large groups in movie theaters with parents who prefer to eat their smelly nachos and let the kid run up and down the aisle, cry, or my personal favorite, discuss the finer points of book to film translation very loudly as each scene goes by. So I will wait for DVD.

That leaves me with Cowboys and Aliens, which I will see for sure. It's made of all the things I like - Cowboys, Aliens, laser guns - and though reviews have been mixed, I can't imagine not enjoying it. We'll see, I suppose.

It's also an amazing weekend for limited releases:

1) The Devil's Double, a film about Uday Hussein's body double. It looks like fun.

2) The Guard, Brendan Gleeson's Irish cop has to help Don Cheadle's FBI agent track down a bad guy. The trailer had me in stitches, and guess who wrote it? John Michael McDonagh. Guess who's brother he is? Count me 100% in.

3) Attack the Block, which is one of the cooler titles I've heard in a while. Aliens invade London and some kids and Nick Frost have to take up the city's defense.

So up yours, naysayers. You can complain about the state of movies; I'm having trouble deciding what I want to see. Probably The Guard. Probably.


  1. "You hear all the time about how much Hollywood sucks, movies are all derivative, there's nothing worth seeing, it's the worst year ever, blah blah blah."

    How many of the movies you listed were Hollywood productions? I haven't checked, but I doubt The Guard, The Devil's Double, or Attack the Block are Hollywood films.

    Harry Potter and Cowboys and Aliens did come out of Hollywood. And regardless of whether or not they are any good, they are hardly original or unique.

    Hollywood pumps out enough good movies every year to justify their success but they also produce more shit than they know what to do with, they lack vision, and they are cowardly because everybody is afraid of losing their status.

  2. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Recovering booth Rat,
    I agree with you 100%.
    I will say until I reach retirement. I hate all the movies produced by Steve Speilberg an Howard the director of MARVE IRON MEN.
    This Cowboy and Aliens is A PIECE OF SHIT!
    So silly and WTF, so retarded in it's presentation that I had the worst day in a movie theatre.
    It's not engaging or fun or clever.
    And the writing: SUCKED SHIT.
    I bet the makers and writers of this shit movie are reading
    Shame on you for allowing us to watch yous writers and producers of COWBOYS AND ALIENS shit on screen. And we have to watch you shit dry up into the dessert wind.
    The world of cinema does not belong to rich producers. It belongs to the public. Without us you guys will be living in the dog house.
    AND GIVE US good movies. Those where we can stand up and clap and cheer.
    BTW my girlfriend just came along to see this movie because Daniel Craig has nice butt. Ha. Watching a movie for a actor's butt.


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