Saturday, August 06, 2011

A note about posting

Obviously, I love to have anybody comment here on the blog. I like hearing different perspectives and discussion. But I do ask a couple of things.

Don't be a dick. You can disagree with people, me included, without making personal attacks.

And please choose an identity and stick with it. It's become pretty obvious that at least one person has made several comments under different names and thinks nobody will notice. I appreciate your opinion, but when you come back and post the same stuff over and over under a different name, it becomes spam, and spam gets deleted.

And people who just lurk and never say anything, never feel like you can't join the conversation. I'm just a girl blabbing on about her experiences and theories. No reason you can't join me.

For those who contribute regularly and always have cool stuff to say, I love you guys.


  1. Ya got me...


  2. I'm assuming you mean me, and maybe a couple of others, with the "personal attacks". I think you may be too sensitive. You seem like the type that can dish it out but can't take it.

    That's fine. I just won't comment anymore. You can have your ass kissers that tell you what you want to hear. I just hope you don't take that same approach when it comes to getting feedback on your scripts.

    Sometimes we need to be brought back down to earth, sorted out, told that our shit also stinks. But it seems obvious to me that any type of criticism toward you is deemed a personal attack.

    I won't comment anymore, won't read anymore, and won't read the replies to this. Your sycophants can be quite pathetic. Enjoy each other.

  3. Wow! Clearly RBR is attempting to improve their flounce standings for the non-prestigious International Troll Flounce Award. Unfortunately for them it's a pretty weak effort compared with, say, the ones executed over at Making Light. Now to count how long it takes them to pop back in again under another name: I do hope that ISP logging is on.

    For what it's worth, Ms. Blake, although I don't post that often your rules make perfect sense and strike me as obvious and reasonable since it's your front room and we're visiting rather than paying the mortgage.

  4. So "Don't be a dick" is an impossible rule for you to follow?

    Well, bye.

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Emily and RBR, Bruce E Durocher 2, and all,

    All this non-sense and hatred and "disagreeings" - is part of life and universal culture of the entertainment business bedrock. Get used to it. Just roll with the punches.

    Points for discussion:

    -all upcoming screenwriters want to be treated like a "star", who doesn't?;
    -we want our silent egos to go unchallenged; having an ego makes us prolific screenwriters; ego is good for you
    -everyone is sensitive or hiding behind an Iron Suit; deep inside we all suck, admit it: MOST SCREENPLAYS SUCK, read this

    -it's a fact of life, no one likes to be insulted; but we can practice tolerance and forgiveness and nip it in the butt, eg the art of handling it by Julie Gray
    -depending how "smart" you are - we can dish it but we can't take it: RELAX THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE!!; forget about it
    -it has been proven: MALE SCREENWRITERS don't get along with FEMALE SCREENWRITERS;because one is trained in pure logic and screenwriting "engeneering" and the other is trained in the art of emotional warfare and the "unexplainables" (my fav btw, it adds spice to my life)

    I love male and female screenwriters. They are both unique and very entertaining and inspiring and crazy. Crazy is good in Hollywood.


    Can we all get along?
    Rodney King

    "Miracles will happen as we trip
    But we're never gonna survive unless
    We get a little crazy
    No we're never gonna survive unless
    We are a little
    Cray cray craz.."


  6. I agree with Bruce. It's interesting how there are plenty of blogs out there where the respondents can post civility and even disagree with each other without being huge jerks about it. If you took Emily's polite plea for civility as a call to action for complaining about what a thin-skinned bitch she is, you are part of the problem.

    I'd hate to see the comments go back to being moderated, but if that's what it takes to chase off the assholes, so be it.

  7. ::Shines flashlight around basement::

    Yep. What ya got here is an infestation of assholes. Ain't nothing to do but step on every one you see until they go away.

  8. Thanks, guys. Lol, Harry.

    And I never, ever mind anyone disagreeing with me. Sometimes I wish more people would disagree with me. But it seems like sometimes the comments are either "Yes ma'am" or "Go fuck yourself."

    You can disagree with me and still be a nice person. We've had a couple of cool civil disagreements on this blog, and I've loved them.

  9. Anonymous1:11 PM

    With due respect, you cannot censor screenwriters/posters. Emily is acting on a very pro civil level. But screenwriters have a right to be ASSHOLES. Just like PRODUCERS got a right to be ASSHOLES. We could learn to live and work with ASSHOLES and love ASSHOLES. My boss is one BIG ASSHOLE, but we love him. What is wrong with ASSHOLES. ASSHOLES have rights. You might not like ASSHOLES but they are harmless. ASSHOLES are just full of air and some are funny.

    We live in a free country. The trick is to be civil. RBR is okay, he's your friendly neighborhood ASSHOLE. He's mild and harmless. He's not as bad of some disrespecful and menacing ASSHOLES on DDP and IMDB forums.


  10. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Don't leave. I enjoyed reading your posts. Just keep cool and be yourself. Maybe tone it down by a few decibels.

  11. Just because you have a "right" to be an asshole doesn't mean we have to tolerate it. It doesn't mean we can't form negative opinions about you because you insist on trolling.

    Here's the thing - this is Emily's house. I wouldn't walk into a strangers house, said they smelled like shit, that the decor was all wrong, that their carpet shows that they clearly are a moron who wouldn't know the first thing about home decorating and then take a piss on their rug while declaring, "Take it BITCH, this is America! I gots my rights! Fuck you if this offends you!"

    Yeah, I'd be free to do it, but Emily would then be well within her rights to throw me out and deny me access.

    I've disagreed with Emily on more than one occasion and yet somehow I've managed to do it without making it a personal attack or using rude language to insult her personally while disagreeing with her taste in movies.

  12. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Emily is the coolest blogger out there. I don't have a google account so I cannot post on your blog, Bitter. What's up with that? You can dish it but you can't take it. Sorry had to ask that question. Why are so timid an shy on that level. Let everyone post. Are you that thin skin? I challenge you to open the door and act on a civil level. What are you affraid of?

    I think Emily is cool, brave and inspiring. This is how we should operate. She lets the world read her articles and post their opinions on her blog. Her blog is universal and open for world to read and be inspired from.

    Vida Loca.

    Thanks Emily.


  13. "Tina,"

    If taking two minutes to register a Gmail, a Live Journal, a WordPress, a Typepad or an AIM account and then spending ten seconds signing in said account is too demanding for you, then perhaps commenting on blogs isn't for you.

  14. People talk about rights, but they fail to mention responsibilities. One of those is to TRY to be civil.

    I also enjoyed Harry Connolly's answer.

  15. Please Leave Name3:27 PM

    I try not to be a dick, though sometimes I can't help (I think it's genetic), and I'm far to lazy to register for some sort of account, and to top it off, my memory sucks so I can't remember passwords or even who I signed up to be. Hence my various names. I think.

    Nonetheless I'll check my maniacal ego at the door when I can. And when I can't just tell me I'm a dick and I'll go over over and harass the shit out of Recovering Booth Rat. It's obvious he needs the love.

  16. see, that's why this is hard. I've never had a dick comment on my blot...but then again, I get three visitors a year.
    Em, my kid's favorite line from 'The Dark Knight': 'some men just want to watch the world burn...' and some people can't come to a party without making people uncomfortable.

  17. Like the poster above me mentioned, I don't get a single rude comment from my two annual visitors.

  18. I like the new photo.

    P.S. That cat does a remarkable
    dog impression.


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