Friday, November 18, 2011

Post op

Today my doctor told me that in 17 years of medicine he as never seen a wrist as fucked up as mine. The majority of his clientele is professional athletes, so I feel a dubious pride in knowing I did the most damage ever in the history of his practice. "I did some amazing work in there," he said. Apparently my ligament was twisted and torn and littering debris across the inside of my wrist. It was ugly.

So it's pretty cool to know that after therapy I'll be able to do normal human things like pick up a mug of hot chocolate or brush my hair. The best part is that for the next few weeks I can't pick up anything heavy, but I must type. I must text, play Xbox, and Miss America wave. Yes, I am under doctor's orders to play video games. But no washing dishes or taking out trash. Oh, the humanity.

I can type now - I'm supposed to type now. It's good exercise, I'm told. This week I'm going to go kick this screenplay's ass.


  1. Typing's good? That's great! What you should be doing, and what you'd rather be doing...are one in the same.

    Do you know of any brand new, WGA agents? I'd like to be someone's first client. [No, really]

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Wow. You still got the best blog-forum in town.
    Keep posting. FTI, I can't stand all those old forums,blogs out there written by old farts who thinks the internet (Working Screenwriter? who a name, hey Popcorn and mr. Derek Haas owns it)is their relatives and maternal parental biological clock clicking and mother nature they are not.

    Yours is the best.


  3. How did you fuck up your wrist?

  4. Fell down in my kitchen or punched a dude in the face, whichever story you prefer.

    Daniel, I could think of newish managers, but I'm not sure about brand new agent.

  5. "not sure about..."

    Emily. Does this mean a name doesn't come to mind, or you have mixed feelings about a complete rookie?

  6. Most new agents have worked their way up the food chain in one of the majors. They usually get promoted to full agent after working for years as someone's assistant. Sometimes they'll branch out and start th eir own shingle, but you're almost never going to find some new guy who decided to become an agent one day. Managers, yes. Agents, no. If you do want a brand new agent, pay attention to the trades. When someone is promoted to full agent , there's usually an announcement. You could try querying them then.


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