Friday, February 03, 2012

Meetings, part 2

I had a lull in meeting activity last week, but I'm back on. This is fun. These people made movies I love - some of them movies I've loved since I was a little sapling - and here I am going into their offices, surrounded by posters of these films, talking about myself and writing and awesome movies for an hour.

That's my favorite part of the meetings: when we start talking about why movies are great. There's a reason I became an English teacher. I get to talk about how awesome stories are all day long and children are forced to listen to me. At these meetings I get to do that with people who actually want to be there. It's terrific.

I've settled into my pre-meeting planning to help me relax a bit before I go into the office. I wear an outfit that makes me feel cool - usually a leather motorcycle jacket, jeans, boots or sandals with kitten heels, and some laid back style top (long sweater and a tank top, sheer shirt over a tank top, something else over a tank top). I put on the good makeup and usually put my hair in a ponytail because I look younger with my hair up, and my goal is to try to look as close to 18 as possible so everyone thinks I'm a prodigy.

Today my hair is down, though, because I'm having a great hair day and you don't want to blow one of those with a ponytail. They come along so rarely.

Usually in the car I listen to NPR, but on the way to the meeting I CRANK whatever song will give me the most joy. Today I'm going to blast the Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell album. That way, by the time I get where I'm going, I'm not mad about traffic or parking or politics, I'm just overjoyed at belting lyrics at the top of my lungs.

So far, that method has paid off. I feel happy and full of sparky energy when I go into the office. Because nobody wants to spend an hour talking to Debbie Downer, or that sweaty guy who wears a track suit every day.

On the walk to the office, I've been overwhelmed with nervous butterflies, but I use that walk to remind myself of how awesome I am. Because doggone it, these people are going to like me.

And that's how I walk into that office with perfect posture, a smile on my face and a wink in my eye.

Next time, I'll talk about parking, the receptionist, and how to find the bathroom.


  1. Leather jacket. Sounds cool...must look even cooler.

    Your technique for getting into the right mindset reminds me of a Shia LaBeouf interview, on David Letterman.

    He mentioned "sense memory", and how he got into the right mood for an intense scene. Quickly, because time is money.

    Just before the scene, he listened to a FEIST song, "Brandy Alexander".

  2. I'm usually a lurker. This post just made me smile.

    What a great meeting attitude...I think I need to wear a leather jacket to the office.

  3. Leather jackets are where it's at. It's impossible to feel uncool in a leather jacket.

    I like that, Daniel. It clearly works for Shia.

  4. I love your prep routine. It's inspiring me to buy myself a cool outfit so I'm ready when opportunity arises. I'll gift myself for the next draft I finish!

    I'm sure you are as lovable in those meetings as you are in this blog. You belong there--you've earned it. Thanks for paving the way. Karen (

  5. Loving and appreciating these updates and insights. Please continue to get your Story on.

  6. Meatloaf IS the best way to prep for any meeting!! It reminds me of studying for finals in college.

  7. "or that sweaty guy who wears a track suit every day."

    Hey, my other pants are dirty, alright?


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