Saturday, June 16, 2012


I haven't abandoned this blog. I am not going to abandon this blog. But right now I am super incredibly busy.

Not only was the network at school not letting me log in to Blogger again (It's sort of a crap shoot each week as to which websites will be blocked) but it's my last week as a teacher. Ever. I have many essays to grade and a room to empty.

Then there's screenwriting stuff. Then there's social stuff. Plus I'm getting married in a month.

My brain is having difficulty keeping up. I have noticed myself getting stupider this week. Hopefully that will stop when I'm officially on vacation since I'll have one less job to do.

In August I'm going to collapse in a heap, just in time to start over a new school year as a sub somewhere.

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  1. How am I now noticing all these incredible life threads come together - or apart, depending on perspective? I appreciate your honesty in all this. Continue to feast on all these major changes, and be sure to keep requesting help. People will appreciate you for asking, and you'll get it. Believe me. Vigilance!


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