Friday, December 14, 2012

Hit List / Black List 2012

It's list season!
Not long ago we had a Young and Hungry List, a list of writers who are new on the scene and show a lot of potential.

In October we had the Blood List, a list of great specs from this year that had blood all over them. And by that I think they mean horror and thriller. I'm still not 100% sure what the Blood List is because it's not just horror. But I know that it's never going to apply to me, so I don't pay it much mind.

Monday is the big one - the Black List. Not to be confused with BL 3.0, the website where you can upload your script, the original Black List was created when producer Franklin Leonard sent around an email to just about everyone he knew in the Industry asking what scripts they liked the most this year. He compiled the results into a list, and pretty soon it became a thing. So the Black List is the papa bear of lists. If you're on it, that puts you on a new level. It means your script was one of the most passed around works of the year. It's the ultimate in validation that doesn't involve your film actually being made. Because I think all of us would ten times rather have the movie actually made than have the script be on any kind of list. But I digress.

Here's the 2012 Black List.*

Friday, the Hit List came out. What the hell is the difference between the Hit List and the Black List, you may ask? The Hit List is all specs. So while the Black List may have studio assignments, sequels, etc, the Hit List is only scripts written by a writer hoping for a sale or an option. You're more likely to get new writers on this list, and you're less likely to have to compete with Aaron Sorkin. BUT many of these scripts will also appear on the Black List.

Here is the link to the 2012 Hit List**. Enjoy!

*I am not on it.
**I am on it.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats. I learned early on this is a business of lists. I was production designer on a movie and a star dropped out. The distributor sent a list of names and as long as the producer cast a replacement from that list the financing would still happen. So any list you show up on that gets you noticed is something to celebrate. I hope you have more to celebrate on Monday when the Black List emerges.

  3. Super huge congrats, dude!

  4. Awesome sauce!~!~!~!


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  6. Like an idiot I didn't read your post thoroughly enough to know you made the list. Congrats and well-deserved!!

  7. The problem with all these list is access.
    This is starting to change with the Black List 3.0 and other efforts to give more exposure to deserving scripts.

    Here's hoping the best of the best make it to the screen.

    (Just curious: Why do cats need so much sleep?)

  8. Thanks for the congratulatory notes, everybody! Our reps knew, but mine didn't tell me so it was a complete surprise.

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      Then you know if you are or aren't on the Black List?

  9. No, the Black List is locked up tight until tomorrow morning at 9am, when it will be revealed over Twitter.

  10. Congratulations on making The Hit List.
    And that hottest new screenwriters list.

    Here's hoping for a Triple Crown.

  11. Congrats Emily!!

    Reading the synopsis, this sounds like it is hilarious and action packed to the hilt. Man, this should be an independent film. Not saying it shouldn't be at a studio, but, me personally, I would have a hell of a time making this film. Depending on the content, get a decent budget, independently financed by distributors, whomever. Then go out and make this bad boy/girl. Afterwards, assault the festival circuit hard.

    It sounds like a great vehicle for a first time director. With the help of a semi-seasoned producer and your expertise, this could be great. I see the DVD jacket now: Bullet holes and bouquet flowers arranged around the bride, who sits dead center staring back at us. She has a face of comical frustration. Behind her are explosions, swords drawn, grenades, shrapnel, catering, a mother-in-law with a baby in one and a MK16 in the other!! LOL!! Utter chaos!!

    Well I'm just talking out loud. Great Job Congratulations again!!

  12. Congratulations! On a side note, I couldn't help but notice that your name was one of a small handful of women that made the list.


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