Monday, July 24, 2006

Drowned rats

Friday night the senior class hosted a luau by our school's pool. It was an all-around successful event. The kids had an absolute blast with no drugs or alcohol, but with plenty of dancing and games and swimming.

At one point our school's social worker proposed to the kids that they should throw one of our teachers in the pool. So they did. His I-Pod got soaked and destroyed, but we got great yearbook pictures. They enjoyed tossing him in the pool so much, they decided to go after almost every teacher there. They got me while I was trying to escape in secret and ran smack into one of my boys, who chased me until they all caught me and dragged me to the pool. Here they are, enjoying themselves. That's me in the blue, in the grip of their glee:

And here is the aftermath:

You know they love you when they throw you in the pool. Either that, or they just want to see you in your clingy wet tank top and skirt:

I have to add this:

One of my students just told me I shouldn't post those pictures because "all my rich friends" would see them and I would be embarassed for them to know I work in South Central.

This is what they think of white people. Our reputation just really sucks, doesn't it?

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