Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to run a yearbook on $0 a year

I don't have any equipment for yearbook. Actually, that's not true. Yesterday my rep gave me a camera. So now I have a camera.

Two months ago I requested cameras, computers, printers, scanners and other assorted items. Firday I learned that none of these things we actually ordered. I don't even have tables, so if I did have computers I would have to put them on the floor. The only storage I have is a plastic filing cabinet I bought at Staples. I do have a pretty nifty darkroom door the kids will hopefully tire of playing with, but the actual darkroom doesn't even contain a sink. It's pretty much just a room with red lighting and a lot of electrical outlets.

Not that anybody was going to use it for darkroom purposes anyway. It's going to be turned into the yearbook room when I get equipment. If I get equipment.

I'm not really sure how TPTB expect me to make a yearbook without any computers. Maybe they think people still glue the pages down. Of course, to do that I'd still have to have some glue, and maybe a light table. I just have four walls and some chairs. I even bought the trash can to put in the room.

Maybe we can spend the semester mastering telepathy so we can beam the yearbook directly into people's brains.


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I think the practical solution is to have the kids write a story about the yearbook: how good it would be, the kinds of pictures that would be in it... and then give everyone a copy.

    Who wants a yearbook when you can have a story about a yearbook?

  2. We could draw the pictures by hand, too. Hell, maybe we could just make a fanzine for the school, with lists of things the yearbook staff likes and dislikes and inside jokes about funny stuff people have said this year. I'm liking this idea. We'll be making money hand over fist!

  3. Anonymous1:59 PM

    My old high school, which was recently named #1 in the country, does a "scrapbook" every year.

    It's really low budget. Every student has a picture that's photocopied into the book, and next to their picture they have "creative space." They can write a poem, draw pictures, whatever they want.

    It's really cool because it lets every student in the school be creative and stand out.

    It cost like nothing to make and they would sell them for $5.

    No computer necessary.

  4. That would be okay if yearbook was an extra-curricular activity, but it's a class. I'm supposed to be teaching the kids actual skills. They learn photography and design and learn to use the industry standard program InDesign, which is something they can put on a resume. My yearbooks are very professional and my kids learn useable skills.


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