Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good TV about good TV

So much has already been said about Studio 60 that I'll keep my own impressions simple. I like it. The dialogue flows naturally and the characters all feel real. I've never been a big fan of Amanda Peet, but she downright sparkled in that pilot. The cast in general is fantastic, and it's good to see Sarah Paulson rising through the ranks of TV roles. And I have never loved Matthew Perry more.

You can always tell a Sorkin/Schlamme show. I felt like I was watching Sports Night if the sportscasters moved into The West Wing. But it still had its own point of view:TV needs to take more risks. Let's hope Studio 60 keeps that implied promise.

Alex Epstein pointed out that they never actually show the sketch that started the whole controversy, but I'm not sure I need to see it. After all the hype, anything they do would be a let down.

I added it to my DVR schedule right after the teaser. Good stuff. But if you've been reading anything lately, you already knew that.


  1. I had been waiting all summer to see this show, and then missed it when it aired.

    But I finally saw it, and all I can really say is that it's a good pilot.(Anyone who's written a pilot knows it's a challenge, especially with that many characters) Most shows get better, so with this jumping off point, this show should be great.

    I, too, never liked Amanda Peet. And though she's good in the pilot, I think she's too "on it." She's always one step ahead of everyone and it's fun to watch until we get the close ups of her smirking.

    Hopefully she's hiding something. Hopefully we'll see her weaknesses very very soon, or else her character won't work.

    But: so far so good. I have a new show to watch.

  2. You know what killed Sid Caesar's career? He was too sophisticated for "Middle America."

    That being said... maybe Studio 60 should take "Taps" as its theme song...


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