Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back to work time

I've been in hybernation this week. Sometimes you just need to hide away and shirk all your responsibilities and rest, and that's what I was up to. Just another moment in the evolution of me.

I was supposed to host my table reading today. I had the actors all lined up and the scripts all copied, then I did a read-through on Friday night with a friend of mine who gave me some really solid criticism that made me extremely unsatisfied with my script. My problem is, the first half is a fantasy-style comedy with some unrealistic fight scenes and innappropriately funny dialogue. My second half is a dark drama with some scary violence and a real grasp of the theme. I have to find a way to reconcile the two.

I mentioned before that my main character wasn't fleshed out enough to compete with my second part. That's because he shouldn't have been the lead. I've turned it into an ensemble piece and that has totally changed the dynamic. It's allowed me to play to my strengths, because one of the things I excel at is juggling dialogue in a room full of people.

I've gone from being depressed at having to acknowledge that my script is not where it needs to be and that I thought it was and that means I kind of suck, to getting a little excited at the changes. Just by intercutting new scenes in my teaser and adding one scene to my first act I've already tightened the script and given my characters more consistent personality.

And that's why you have to have someone you trust read over your script. I didn't see my own problems. At first I felt bad about it, like I should be good enough to know what's wrong with the script without input from an outside source. But that's just the ego talking. I needed guidance. Who cares how I got it? In the end it will lead to a better story, and that's what we all strive for, isn't it? Fortunately all my actors were cool about putting off the reading because they're swell people. I just wish I hadn't already paid for all the script copies.


  1. Good for you to recognize when something needs work and then set about doing it

  2. That's awesome, Emily! Sucks for now but think how much better the final product is going to be. Go get 'em!

  3. That's why I always use the idiot check system. I have 4 writers in a group and we all read each others stuff before anything goes to anyone. That way - you don't let the world see what an idiot you are. And then you do the same for them...

    It's a nice system of check and balances. And it gets you feedback before you have to show people who can make or break you. And your friends are unusually invested in your success cause later they can glom off you like Entourage... :P

  4. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Damn... Just came by to find out how the reading went. OOPS!

    Look on the bright side, it'll very likely end up sounding better.

    Good luck with it!



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