Monday, November 27, 2006


Holy frijoles.

Thanks, Odocoileus, for the recommendation over at Done Deal. I've never seen so many hits on a Sunday.

If you came here through the link from Done Deal or you're new here for any reason, welcome to my brain. Say hi.

I teach English in a South Central LA public high school. I'm a lot like Michelle Pfeifer in Dangerous Minds but with a lot less tragic drama and no history of being in the Marines. Want to know some Spanglish? I'm getting pretty proficient.

I minored in French. It is not much help in my largely Guatemalan/Salvi neighborhood.

During my planning period I write TV specs. I've been in LA a little over a year (I'm from NC) and have been slowly making contacts who can help me as soon as my portfolio is ready. I have written about three feature specs and five TV specs, not counting all the trainwrecks I abandoned halfway through.

I am sarcastic all the time.

Come back. Ask questions. Live vicariously and be glad you don't have my job. Although, for the record, I kind of love my job. But it ain't for everybody.


  1. Thanks for the daiquiri! And now you are super famous! I can't find where on that site, but I'm not being very diligent about it. Hey, where can I get that super cool writing meter bar thing, huh?


    'cuz I moved here from out of state and I'm a teacher. The person who started the thread was thinking of doing the same thing.

    It's nice to get recommendations.

  3. Oh, and the progress bar is swiped from Man Bytes Hollywood. He posts a tutorial on his website on how to make one. He's a smart fella. And also a teacher.


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