Friday, February 09, 2007

Why I won't see Norbit, part 2

The short script I'm filming is based largely on the principal that cokeheads are hilarious when contrasted with people of opposing personalities. Trainer has seen too many cokeheads. He says coke addiction is not funny.

Writing Partner, on the other hand, who has also seen cokeheads, thinks it's hilarious. It's the absurdity that interests him. The sex, the drugs, the board game gone horribly wrong.

Last weekend I thought up a new short idea involving drug addiction and slight insanity. Trainer thinks it's hilarious. Partner thinks emotional disorders and drug and alcohol abuse aren't funny. Go figure.

I say it's all about the subtext and the message we want to send. In Game Night, Partner and I are showing bored people all trying to entertain themselves through drugs, sex and the emotional games they play with each other. In the new script I want to show how the people we show the most disdain for are often the things we fear the most about ourselves. If I know what I'm doing that will come across.

It's all about the message.

Take Office Space, my personal favorite comedy of all time. It's a story about embezzlement, layoffs and burning down your office building. One character attempts suicide. But the absurdity of it all is what makes it funny, and everybody ends up coming through much improved in the end. The message: Do what you love. Stop torturing yourself in a cubicle if you'd rather be outside shoveling dirt.

Comedy has to have something serious at its core to ring true. But I guess what's true for one person isn't true for everybody.


  1. so you're equating working in a cubicle with coke addiction? :-p

  2. Though it ain't about coke, you must check out the hilarious article in The Onion from last week about Meth Addicts marching on Washington to demand the government do something about the nation's growing spider menace!

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Cokeheads are funny, but drug abuse isn't? Or is that the other way around?

    I know one of the leads in Office Space a little and one time at a party I asked him every single question about the movie I could think of. Unfortunately, since it was a party, I was pretty drunk and afterwards I had no recollection whatsoever of what he'd told me. I don't know if that ties everything together, but I tried.

  4. personally, i find most cokeheads annoying, but if they weren't in the same actual room with me but instead trapped in their little movie-world I think it would pretty funny.

    but i agree completely with your idea #2. universal truth, right there.

    and rub off some short inspiration on me. I can't stop thinking of feature ideas, yet I'm blocked on short ideas.

  5. Yes, cokeheads. The cornerstone of comedy.

    Funny how this short is the first script I've ever written in which nobody died and nobody got punched in the face.

    But that's okay because I replaced it with drugs.

    Clearly I have a personal style.

  6. Great!!!!!
    Office Space is....fabuloustastic. Awesomeness bottled. Mike Judge is also supposed to be like, one of the nicest people, ever. I've crossed paths with Ron Livingston a couple of times, but never had the thatchers to go up and tell him how perfect he was in Office Space. And in Swingers.
    PS: If you're looking for help with your short film, let me know.


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