Monday, May 07, 2007

Is this what you were looking for?

We all get the odd search term every now and then. Here are some of the odder searches that have brought people to my musings. I'd like to help these people out by responding to each request personally. I hope this helps.

i love biceps
-Me too, mystery person. Me too.

online games to write on a white board with every single colored marker in the world
-When I write online games on a white board I usually just stick to various shades of blue.

football player and nerd fanfiction
-Oh this must be a result of all talking about Trainer, who is both a brutally hot former football player and a nerd. I should write some fanfiction about that. Thanks, mystery person.

spartan women nipples 300
-Imagine how different the story would be if Spartan women had 300 nipples? I'd be more than a little frightened.

gavin degraw's fucks
-Does this mean fucks who listen to Gavin DeGraw or the women he fucks after a show?

old ladies get kicked in the face
-As well they should be.

pictures boys showing their underwear in 7th gym class
-I dont.... uhhhh well see it's like this.....ummmm ok. Why the hell are pedophiles coming here?

icy hot stuntaz rented
-As well they should be.

board battle in heaven lie with me
-That's poetic. And also, what?

paper bag puppets julius cesar
-Good idea. Next time my class does Julius Cesar I'm totally making them do a paper bag puppet show.

white streat and black meat
-Is this porn or a rap group?

how to say no an asshole insurance salesman
-I think I can help you out with this one. Trying saying "No."

amazing pussyass
-As it should be.

you lied to me you said you never hurt of me but lied to me
-Are these song lyrics? Sounds kinda emo. Maybe it's Dashboard Confessional.

i hate dating fat bossy women church
-Me too, mystery person. Me too.


  1. Holy shit this made me laugh outloud.

    Makes me want to dig through my keyword referrals and see if I can match your genius.

  2. I almost wrote a similar topic when I recieved a hit from someone looking for "making love to dead horses."

    I don't know what shocked me more. That someone actually was looking for that. Or that is pulled up my blog.

  3. I just did a search for "Gavin Degraw's FAQs" and it brought be here.


    I often get vistis from people searching for "Martian Luther King" . . . who apparently had a dream that one day little green people would play with little earth people.

  4. "brought be here" = southern for "brought me here"


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