Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The truth about Omar

And I thought the Michael Rosenbaum thing was intense.

There have been a zillion people coming here looking to find out whether or not Omar Epps is leaving House.

Here's the skinny, according to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello:

Question: I read somewhere that Foreman is resigning on House. Is this true, and does this mean Omar Epps is leaving the show?— Rachel M.

Ausiello: Yes, Foreman — fearful that he's morphing into a House clone — will quit. But no, Omar Epps is not leaving the show.

So there you go. Now stick around and read some stuff. I'm a laugh riot. And also possibly completely off my rocker. I haven't decided.

UPDATE: Yes, it's official, Omar Epps WILL be back next season but the writers haven't smoothed out the wrinkles yet. You can read an interview where he talks about it HERE.


  1. The character of Foreman is actually going to be popping up early next season on that Grey's Anatomy spinoff as another old friend of Kate Walsh's. Then he'll be doing a multi-episode arc on Las Vegas as the house doctor, going by the nickname of "Dr. Vegas." He'll then pass through Scranton to pick up some paper and get involved with a wacky mix-up involving Dwight Schrute, followed by an appearance in a Jack-centric flashback in an episode of Lost. He'll be so moved by the sight of Jack having to deal with his alcoholic father that he immediately heads back to Princeton-Plainsboro just in time for an episode that focuses on House and Cuddy's budding romance.

    I'm guessing.


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