Friday, August 17, 2007

Death and pies for everybody

So I'm in the shower conditioning my hair and debating whether or not this is a shave-the-legs night when I get a phone call from Maggie telling me to get my butt down the street to the Hollywood Cemetery to watch the premier of Pushing Daisies on the big screen. She has pizza.

I'm literally a two minute drive from there so I hop in my car and drive down to the cemetery.

Only I get dressed first because I don't want to distract from the screening by showing up wet and soapy and naked. Also I wash the conditioner out of my hair. I do not shave my legs on account of there is no time and I'm wearing jeans.

I get there and there's a spot on the blanket and half a Little Caesar's pizza and Maggie all pigtailey.

And as soon as I sit down she says, "Lookit! Ryan Phillipe!" And I'm all mooney eyed because I adore Ryan Phillipe and I can't figure out which one he is then the guy she's pointing at turns around and it is not Ryan Phillipe.

It turns out that Ryan Phillipe is actually Bryan Fuller. I need a hearing aide.

Then we start talking about Wonderfalls. I confess for the first time that I don't love Wonderfalls. I also don't love Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty or anything else with creepy cheeriness like Edward Scissorhands. But I like Edward Scissorhands.

So Maggie says, uh oh, you might not like Pushing Daisies.

And with that the show begins.

What do you know, I love it! The last pilot I watched was Flash Gordon. Watching the pilot for this show makes me loathe Flash Gordon even more because of how infinitely superior this show is.

It's about a man who can bring people back to life but only for a minute, then he has to kill them again permanently or someone else dies.

The actors are fantastic. The chemistry, the realistic interaction, the subtle comedic timing - all good. Chi McBryde is spectacular. That's right, I said it. Spec-fucking-tacular.

The show is quirky and cute and clever and genuinely funny and the themes are firmly established. Death is something to laugh at, not something to fear. Get out of the house and start living. Touch people. Eat pie.

The show airs October 3 at 8 on ABC. Watch.


  1. Cake or death!

    Sorry, your title made me think of Eddie Izzard.

    I was at the cemetary with a group of friends too (We were the annoying ones desperately trying to use our bodies to block off a space big enough for 10 until the rest of our group arrived. I'm sure everyone loved us.) and we all thought it was fantastic. I just hope the show can hold up to the quality of the pilot.

  2. You had me at wet, soapy & naked.

    I thought it looked like a neat show, will check it out.


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