Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been out

I teach at a year-round school, which kind of sucks. But the good thing about it is the extra long vacations. I worked through the summer but I went off track on Wednesday and get eight weeks off. So I treated the last two days like a weekend where you go over to somebody's house for a few hours and sort of forget to come back. The cat was waiting for me when I got home, butcher knife in paw, ready to slit my throat if I didn't throw some food in his bowl and pet him immediately.

Long time readers may remember my last vacation. Specifically St. Patrick's Day, Las Vegas, or the Kickin' it Old Skool party. Then there was Halloween, although that wasn't a vacation event. That was just the biggest amount of vomiting I've ever done in one night.

The point is, when I vacation, I party hard. I have Boyfriend this time around, but as crazy as Boyfriend is I don't think that will put a damper on my social activities. Expect reports of debauchery to come over the next two months.

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  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Las Vegas

    *claps and whistles loudly*


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