Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Every Girl in LA is blonde

Obviously today was the best day ever. Except for that one proposition, but other than that - I drank all my Kool Aid for today.

Anyway, I was just watching the most recent episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and something really bugged the shit out of me.

Sarah Connor is a brunette with wavy hair. Cameron is a tiny little brunette with long straight hair. The evil head of Skynet is a stylish redhead. All of these women have memorable faces.

But every time they need another secondary female character they make her a long-haired blond. John's friend is a medium-build long-haired blond girl. That chick Cameron almost killed is a medium-build long-haired blond girl. And if their neighbor weren't pregnant she'd be a medium-build long-haired blond girl. And they all have relatively the same complexion and pretty similar facial structure.

Why does this matter, you may ask? Because as I was watching the show I got super confused. There's a scene where Blond Girl A is talking to the bad guy in the grocery store and two aisles over Blond Girl B is walking around with John Connor. But even before that I thought Blond Girl A was Blond Girl B and that Blond Girl B was betraying John Connor by talking to the bad guy.

Maybe it's just me, I dunno. Maybe I'm just not paying enough attention.

But I'm just wondering if casting people noticed that. Or if maybe hair and makeup people can do something a little different with the next medium-build long-haired blond girl they hire.


  1. no, you ain't alone, trust me, a lot of people notice this, too. me and my friends talk about how blondes are automatically favored over other females when it comes to casting.

    I'm highly sensitive to this issue since i'm a woman of color and I'm just so sick and offended by Hollywood's fascination with blondes.

    blondes are overrated.

    and yes i agree, it's so damn confusing when they all look the freakin' same. last time I went to L.A, I saw plenty of black, brown, yellow, mixed, and white faces. So why do Hollywood gotta pretend it's an Aryan world?

    IT MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!! $#sdksdj200##@00dskd//d

  2. Hey now, blonds aren't all bad. I'm strawberry blond.

    But yeah, it would be nice if all shows made the effort Heroes does.

  3. Heroes, yes... also House, ER, (but I think this is their last season).. what else? there's an Indian character on "The Big Bang Theory." oh yes, and there are MANY people of color on "Lost."

    I notice that when TV does ensemble shows (like all of the mentioned shows), it tends to be much more diverse.

    Fuck Gossip Girl, though.


  4. I haven't officially put it away. I've been thinking about it a lot. I finished the first draft and now I have to go back over it with a pen and make my notes.

    I'll probably do that this weekend. I'm just working on the vampire thing when I'm inspired. Fear of Clowns is still my primary project.

  5. Not quite true. The traitor girlfriend from the future is brunette. Still, more variety can't hurt.


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