Friday, March 06, 2009

Ode to Veronica Mars

A Friend and I have been watching a marathon of Veronica Mars season one on DVD this week. She has gone nuts over it.

It's been fun remembering those days when I was just like that. Dude, the end of season one when you don't know who's at the door? Remember? I spent all fucking summer randomly sitting around going "Who's at the door? WHO IS AT THE DOOR?" Every week I was waiting on bated breath to see what happened next. Who killed Lily Kane? Was Veronica going to finally let Logan love her? Who raped her at the party? Will she ever appreciate Wallace?

Logan is one of the best things about that show. Jason Dohring manages to take a guy who was only supposed to be around in the pilot and was a complete asshole, and turn him into the most adorable guy you just desperately want her to let go and love. Friend and I were observing how neat it was that she seems the be the one who doesn't want to admit the relationship. He is ready at a moment's notice to blaze their relationship, but she's afraid of what will happen because she trusts nobody on the planet besides Wallace and her dad. It's terrific subtext connected to character development.

Friend has been so excited to see each episode, each night she gets downright giddy about seeing what happens next. I used to feel that way about this show, and I felt that way about Buffy. And right now I can't think of any shows that make me feel that way. Sure, at the end of Lost I go "Holy crap what was that!" but then I forget by the next day. Buffy and Veronica Mars both kept occupying my mind all week until the next episode. There is no show on right now that has the same effect on me. Hell, I've barely watched TV in the past two weeks and I haven't been desperate to catch up.

I miss you, Veronica. Thank goodness for TV on DVD.


  1. I love Veronica Mars. I just thought they did everything they could to destroy it in the third season. I'm sure it was out of desperation to gain viewers, but it just wasn't the same show.

    Hopefully they'll make the movie and go back to the vibe of the first two seasons.

  2. Being Human had a similar effect on me recently. Took a couple of episodes to really get into its stride - and then it was over seeing as it was British and only six episodes long - but worth having a look at if it hits the US.


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