Friday, May 08, 2009

WTF Bones?

Did you see last night's Bones? It was weird.


Booth kept seeing Stewie from Family Guy and Bones kept trying to make him give her sperm so they could make a test tube baby.

Funny, right? Except that it kept being played as serious. I was confused. Booth was having the really emotional conversation at several points with Stewie and it wasn't being played for laughs. What the fuck? The second you see Stewie you think "Oh this will be funny." And then it wasn't funny.

It turned out, Booth has a brain tumor. The music was serious and the cast looked deeply concerned like the world was ending.

But he was talking to Stewie.

You can't do that, Bones and Family Guy. You can't take a character who has great comedic timing and is known for being funny and then make him a central figure in a serious moment for one of your main characters. It destroyed the impact, because instead of being worried about Booth, I was wondering why it wasn't funny. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh or not.

If they were going to have Booth hallucinate with another Fox character it should have been House. He can play funny AND serious and he could have been diagnosing Booth's problems in the hallucinations. And then I might have bought it. But watching Booth talk to a comedic cartoon character and try to be serious about it just did not work.


  1. This is only marginally related to what you wrote because I've never seen Bones. But Stewie is possibly the greatest character on television since the Shield and Soprano's ended their runs.

  2. Shoulda been funny anyway. There is no reason that the lead-up to a serious reveal can't have some funny moments. In fact, I think that can increase the impact of the revelation.

  3. Maybe, if David Boreanaz hadn't played it serious. At one point he had a serious conversation with Stewie, who was cracking jokes. It just didn't fit.

  4. Why is everyone on TV getting brain tumors?

    Originality, people!


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