Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Yearbook day

Man I am tired as hell.

Today is yearbook distribution day. I sent out invited to all seniors who preordered books and had them come to my room for a slide show. It was probably a hundred kids packed in there like sardines. And as usual, technical difficulties screwed us up. Six years I've done yearbooks, and six times the distribution has been all screwed up because something horrible went wrong at the last minute.

This time the slide show didn't work because the projector wouldn't recognize the computer it recognized just fine when we tested it yesterday. So we said "fuck it" and handed out books. That actually went pretty well. There are a few mistakes but there are always a few mistakes. It's too early to hear if people like it, but it looks like they do.

For some reason my editor is still trying to make the slide show work, two hours later. More power to that lovable little guy, but I think it's past the point where it matters.

The hardest part is fielding the eight thousand questions and comments from people right while you're in the middle of handing out books. My first time, in the middle of the horrible chaos I had created for myself, while all was going to hell and I was considering suicide as my only out, some dumbass kid decided to point out a typo on a random page. I almost changed my suicide plan to a murder plan.

After work today we all have meetings by department, so I get to write again. Maybe I'll have time to work on some pages from the script. At least I get to bring my yearbook and watch everybody make a fuss about how awesome it looks, unless they decide to point out typos, which they will because they're all English teachers.

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  1. your job sounds hella chaotic, I dont' know how you manage to find the time to write when you get home.

    That cat photo is so cute, by the way.


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