Thursday, July 09, 2009

Who are you guys?

Instead of posting the rant on Internet Assholeness I kept writing and rewriting for the past half-hour, I'm going to work on lowering my blood pressure by staying out of situations that piss me off. I just hope I've never come off as that big an asshole.

And since I'm practicing some Buddhist style ego abandonment today, I'd like to hear from you guys. All of you. Who are you? What are you writing? Some of you post all the time, but I still know so little about you.

Every now and then I look at my stats and it occurs to me that the random shit I write while sitting in my pajamas is being read be a lot of people. Weird. It's kind of like when I was in a rock band and I saw people singing my own lyrics back to me. Just weird. Awesome and weird. Someone actually gives a shit about what I have to-

Oh wait. Ego abandonment. Damn this is hard.

Okay enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of- I mean, what's up?


  1. lol, it's cool. i like your blog and your insightful comments on movies and screenwriting. Well, I'm a struggling playwright/novelist in Shit Louis (in Misery), born in the UK and raised in London, Liverpool, and elsewhere.

    Uh, well, my goal is to get my novel published. And I've got a play coming up in London, so I'm excited about that. but I REALLY want to be a screnwriter, though... duh.

  2. Screenwriter/director. Working on a subtle relationship drama script that is kicking my butt, and I'd like to direct something short and funny once I finish the rough draft of said script. Just trying to build up samples and get better at the craft.

    Keep up the good work and analysis.

  3. Producer/story consultant/teacher in Sydney, Australia. I have an enormous respect for screenwriters... and high school teachers.

    I often refer to your blog as a 'how to' for beginning screenwriters with a day job. But mostly I read it just for fun.

  4. I read your blog on my LiveJournal friends list, but I rarely comment. And you know me from Elsewhere.

  5. I'm Fox. I saw you hanging out at Lazy Eye Piper's place and thought you were hardcore.

    I started writing on a blog because I was bored at work, but now that I have work to do, I can't do that anymore.

    Now I blog at night because my wife ignores me and I get bored at home.

  6. I steal hood ornaments off very expensive cars...

    Well, okay, I used to do that, now I'm a reformed thief with several script sales (I write what is politely termed "romantic comedies," though that's a bit of a misnomer, but hey, Hollywood loves labeling and putting shit in narrow boxes) and an upcoming directing gig.

    I read your blog from time to time and I do so because, well, you seem okay and a realist above the business. And you do seem to have your moments of rage, which I appreciate. A lot.

  7. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Library Assistant in rainy ol' London, UK. Just got my 14-years-in the-making first screenplay out to the Nicholl, and wrestling with whether I've got any game at this...
    Can't remember how I stumbled on you. Think it may have been a blog-chain that started with Josh Friedman's. Anyway, I'm here daily, cuz I need to know I'm not the only one, you say what you mean and you take no BS. I respect that.

  8. Anonymous2:49 PM

    British writer - proper British, part Welsh, part English - been reading for a couple of years ... since the days of Whiteboardmarkers.

    Nothing else to say really, other than ... loving your work.



    Got to go, surrounded by yowling four legged things ...

  9. Film school grad, former wannabe screenwriter trying to get back into the swing of things. I read what you had to say on another site and came to your blog to read about your writing experiences.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi everybody!

    *waves at Harry*

    Thanks for talking back.

  11. Software Engineer from Seattle.

    I read your blog because you are a down to earth professional trying to change careers to become a Screenwriter.

    Which is exactly my goal.


  12. If I'm still allowed to reply, I'm an unsold screenwriter in Germany (well, I'm unsold everywhere) and currently "between projects." Both an evil A.I. idea and something about subway personnel gestate in my mind but have not yet reached index card state.

    Even though my heart is really set on writing screenplays, I wrote an audioplay (is that a word? it's like a radioplay but for the internets) that I'm in the process of recording with a friend who has a hand and an ear for sound design and mixing. I've learned so much directing and producing that one, both for my personal growth and my writing of dialogue. It's like making your own movie only that sci-fi is as cheap to do as anything else.

    Besides that, I earn my money writing crappy software in a horrible system whilst learning to hate business people. But at least my cow orkers are pretty cool for the most part which makes it almost bearable.

  13. I've never heard of an audio play. What an interesting idea.

  14. "Audioplay" redirects to "radio drama" in Wikipedia, so it seems to be a word. It's just that we don't intend for this thing to play on the radio. We'd even have to think a bit if some radio station offered to buy the end product. I'm feeling very Nine Inch Nails/Radiohead about the whole thing, minus the fan base, of course.

    Audioplays are pretty popular here in Germany since pretty much everyone in their thirties or twenties grew up with at least half a dozen kid- or youth-oriented audioplays on tape or CD, especially the German version of The Three Investigators.

    (By now audio books, i.e. novels read out loud, are even more popular, as they are everywhere, but what we're doing is just dialogue and sound effects, and in our case not even a narrator.)

  15. I'm an aspiring TV writer in Montreal (but also am American, so I may be in LA next year). I'm presently doing a test pilot for a web show on out-of-work puppets. I also write poems from time to time, and want to do some audio books (I love reading out loud). Maybe I should learn German . . ..


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