Tuesday, December 01, 2009

All moved in

We put the TV on the curb. Five hours later we came back to clean and it was gone, so I hope someone will love it now.

Budget gave us the wrong truck so we had to make two trips - one to my apartment and one to the Beefcake's - but we got it all done, and I got to scream at the Budget clerk while The Beefcake intimidated. We make an excellent team: Blind Rage and Mr. Scarypants.

I was packing or unpacking or cleaning from 7 am to 3 am. By the time I got back to my apartment to clean I decided the security deposit can go fuck itself. I threw some shit away, swept and walked out.

I think the moment I realized I owned my own house was when I got really cold after my lukewarm shower and decided to turn the heat on, then figured we can probably fix the shower temperature on our own. Because it's our house. I enjoyed eating Carl's Jr on the floor and then figuring out how the hell I'm going to fill up all these kitchen cabinets.

The new TV doesn't work, the internet doesn't work - Sorry, neighbor I'm hijacking. Thanks for not putting up a firewall - and the refrigerator has a piece sticking up that scrapes against the top and is going to drive me batty. I also observed that even though we already have ATT internet, there is only one phone jack in the house and it in the dining room. I guess we're switching to cable.

So I'm spending the first day in my new house mostly on the phone. I wish you could program your own hold music.

I guess I should at some point plan for work tomorrow. I haven't been there in a week.


  1. Congrats on the move-in.

    And forget ATT--they are in a word (or two or more): so fucking awful that they make Time-Warner look fucking great. Depending on where you live, ATT can't up grade your service to one that has a little speed to it, this though they'll charge you as if they can...

    DirecTv and Hughes Net.

    And welcome to the wonderful world of homeownership.

  2. As far as the TV goes, if you stick something on the curb, PEOPLE WILL TAKE IT.

    True story: When I moved into my house, there were two plastic chairs in the basement, both of them some kind of broken. Usable, maybe, but probably not comfortable.

    I waited for the "big items free" collection day, and stuck those on the curb. Twenty minutes later, they were done. I also put out a couple of doors, some drywall I wasn't using, and some insulation I didn't want.

    The trash people never touched ANY of it.


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