Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obligatory year-end post

2009 was a good year. The Beefcake and I bought a super awesome house and moved into it. I got Not Dead Yet out there, and it was enough to get me noticed by a few people here and there who want to read my next script. I didn't finish my next script yet, but I got the first two drafts done and got some good feedback. I rewrote the entire thing yesterday in three hours. Now I just need to find an ending.

I kept my job. I didn't kill any children.

This year I have plans. Finish the current script and see where it takes me. And after I finish working on this script, I'll start the next project, as soon as I decide which idea I want to run with.

I want to premiere Game Night and toss it to a couple of festivals, although I admit I've lost some enthusiasm I used to have since it's been so long since I started. This experience has taught me that I don't want to be a director, and although I officially have a "production company" I'm not sure I want to do anything else with it. But we'll see. Maybe making the festival rounds will reignite my interest.

I want to read more this year. Not just screenplays and nonfiction books, but more fiction. I didn't read nearly enough fiction this year. When I was a kid I used to devour literature like The Cookie Monster, but now I just sit and watch tv with my computer.

Speaking of computer, I need to break my addiction. I check my email every thirty seconds. Literally. I feel tethered to the thing and when I'm away from it I have withdrawal symptoms. But this past week I had to go without it and I survived, so from now on the computer stays in the office, not out on the couch next to me, and I will only check my email a couple of times a day.

I will paint the bathroom and unpack the rest of my boxes. And when everything is finally in its place, I will keep it there. This house will not become the cluttery disaster my apartment was. Everything has a place, and that place is clean. I don't want to feel like apologizing when people come to my house.

I will work out more. I used to work out a lot, then I had to get rid of Trainer because I was saving money for a house, but now I have a house with a pretty sweet gym and three Wii exercise games and all the equipment a girl could want except a dip assist and a heavy bag, so there's no excuse. I've let myself go in 2009. 2010 I will be a big buff machine like I was before.

Every year I swear this is the one where I find representation. Fuck it. This year I'm just going to write and send it out and see what happens.


  1. Game Night, dammit!!! Check your mail yet?

    Happy New Year's!

  2. Like, my email or my real mail? Uh oh did I miss something? Or did I just forget?

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. >Speaking of computer, I need to break my addiction. I check my email every thirty seconds. Literally.<

    I hope leaving this didn't cause you to check email again, same prob here.

  4. I actually just posted the same thing. I'm a full fleged computer addict and since I'm working from home now, I've yet to figure out how to break it. But I'm hoping to find a way. Sending good luck your way with writing and all your other resolutions.


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