Thursday, July 29, 2010

A slight delay

I promised an interview with a big Hollywood writer today and I lied. I ended up being entirely too busy today to do any writing, and tomorrow isn't much different. I may have to post the interview on Monday, but it will be there.

So I will leave you with this. While I awaited the arrival of said bigshot Hollywood screenwriter at the Bourgeois Pig on Franklin, a very trendy writery spot where Louis Lombardi once asked if he could drink my hot chocolate, two gay dudes walked in. How did I know they were gay? I don't know, one was blond and a little too good looking and his hair was gelled up and he just had that look, and a brunet guy came in with him.

The gay guys went to play pool. One of them came over and stood right next to me to ask the coffee chick if there was any chalk, and that's when I realized the blond gay guy was in fact Dominic Monaghan.

The lesson here is that sometimes celebrities look kind of gay.


  1. I'm now tempted to start a guessing game of just who the screenwriter is based on who I've heard frequents the Bourgeois Pig. I'll pass on doing that, but isn't parking right around there really impossible?

  2. You think DM is hot?

    Damn, maybe I got a chance with you too then.

  3. I park down the street and up a ways in the residential area. I never pay. Never.

    And I never thought he was hot onscreen, but he's got the sexy eye in person. Very cool, which is another reason I thought he was gay.

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Emily, Emily, Emily,
    Talking about gay dudes, just last week a lesbian couple confronted me at Starbucks, and told me why dont I write a gay love story instead the tipical Moulin Roulin shit or Street Car Name Desire American shit. They were reading my script over my back. I do not know what to say. Her comment made me frozen. I that is my SLIGHT DELAY. Now I lost 1 week not writing. But I bounced back. I hate it when people are so insulting to others with herterosexuality lifestyle. Cool post Emily.


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