Monday, December 13, 2010

Black List 2010

The day has finally come.  The Black List is out.

I've only read a few of these, but The Kitchen Sink was already next on my list. Looks like we all have a lot of reading to do over the vacation.

I think this is a really encouraging list. A lot of these scripts are creative ideas or genre mix-ups, no real Sorkins or Tarantinos. We're headed in a good direction here.


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Professional list, for sure.
    But how come the over rated Shotgun Cinderella was not on the list? The writer was on Done Deal Pro with an ego as big Prince Charles head.

    This writer was talking about how he stood a chance.

    Now his script is not on the list. Must hurt his big ego. Most of the writers from The Black List 2010 are cool not to brag on Done Deal like this one did. Why do we have writers like these who act like "hot air baloons" on Done Deal Pro.

    Anyways, there is always 2012 Black List.


  2. I don't remember Alex bragging all that much. A lot of people congratulated him on his success with the script, and he hoped he might make the Black List, but he always seemed gracious about it to me.

    I think we should be happy whenever writers who start out on Done Deal move on to successful writing careers. It's a good precedent for the rest of us.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    where can i read the scripts?

  4. You have to ask around in private for these scripts. Ever since the PJ getting sued by Fox thing nobody feels safe posting links anymore.

  5. I send money to PJ; everybody should.

    Here's what I wrote on MeFi about the List:
    "Screenwriter with IMDB credits to his name (not bragging, just giving my bona fides) says:
    the list is a lot of fun. You've got to remember that this used to be a list of the best/most interesting UNSOLD scripts of the year. Now, it seems like all of them have 'sold' at the bottom.
    It wasn't really an honor to get on this list, believe me (I've never been on it). These were almost warning signs-'this great idea was out there and still didn't sell'.
    I think it was a cool attempt to create a 'meritocracy' in a town where so much, SO MUCH, based on what T-shirt you wore to the pitch or how cute you are. My buddy is totally motivated by her desire to get on the Black List. I'd rather sell my scripts and move on to the next ones."

  6. Anonymous8:23 AM


    I read the list and its loglines.
    Sucks, all of them on this BLACK LIST. SUCKS! But something ELSE was missing from this Black list:

    Where are the THE BLACK SWANS?
    Where are the Sophia Copolas?
    Where are the Fassbinders?
    Where are the True Bloods?
    Where are the YOUNG GUNGS?
    Where are the SPIKE LEES?
    Where are the Nichol Winners?
    Where are the Blue Cat Winners?
    Where is Gordy's scripts?
    Where is Julie Gray's scripts?
    Where is Scriptapalooza's winning scripts?
    Where are the Austin Winners?

    And Where are the great scripts I did not read on Trigger Street and Zeotrope and Two Adverbs and Done Deal and Artful Writer?

  7. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Scary news about the black list.
    okay i give up

    Today brings the Black List, Hollywood's annual annointment of the best unproduced screenplays. Will it also bring lawsuits against websites posting unauthorized copies of the scripts on the list?

    We've learned that lawyers for Twentieth Century Fox are zeroing in on websites such as MediaFire, which is hosting PDF copies of all 76 of the copyrighted Black List screenplays in their entirety, including many owned by Fox. Lawyers for the studio are preparing to send MediaFire a cease-and-desist letter as part of a larger campaign to clamp down on script-trading online. The letters demand that

  8. AHollister9:42 AM

    Thanks, Ratp.

    That comment made me laugh. I love the fact Shotgun Cinderella is refered to as over-rated since I wasn't aware just how it was rated at all and I guess in order to be overrated in one person's eye's it must be rated in other peoples. I kinda like that.

    As Emily said, I'm not convinced I bragged once. In fact I actually used the term 'Cat in Hells Chance'. I did however say that I suspected I had two votes based on dialogue with execs who had voted before plus the company actually producing the script. All my posts were in "blind hope" not "Hot air balloon" flights of fancy (see what I did there).

    But thanks for the giggle. You're the first detractor I've come across and, somewhat perversely, I kinda like it :)

    And my genuine thanks to Emily who read the situation with ultimately considerably more level-headed rationale. As she said, at no time did I declare I was going to make the Black List. In fact quite the opposite my expectations were low as my pessimism and inherent British Cyncism is prone to do.


    PS. I like the Blog. Although I admit I only discovered it when googling my script title from a previous blog entry. Blame my Prince Charles size head!

  9. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hey I'm a film student interested in reading the scripts in the list... is there a way to still get them

    thats my email




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