Thursday, March 31, 2011

How not to write a query letter

As almost a part two of yesterday's post, I bring you a query letter so horrible I did not believe it was real even though the poster of said letter swears it is.

Gaze upon its glory and be amazed. I bring you the query letter for Violet Thunder.


  1. Egads. Strident example of Dunning-Kruger effect (you think you know more than you do).

    If it wasn't for American Idol, and what I see on it via Soup, I wouldn't believe for a second this letter was real.

  2. Funny... but fake.

    These are real:

  3. Pretty hilarious, but absolutely not real.

    No one who really thinks their novel/screenplay/whatever is the greatest thing ever would say stuff like

    "only when it's convenient for me (the author)"


    "characters who have no defining characteristics"

    Not buying it. But a great parody.


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