Friday, October 28, 2011

Droid Apps

Up until a couple of weeks ago I had a red flip phone with no bells and whistles at all. Now I have a fancy pants Droid phone with crazy technology. I'm not over the moon about the loss of privacy this kind of technology creates, but you can't argue with the simple awesomeness of it all.

I've loved watching TV episodes through Netflix instant and HBO Go. I'm now among the legion of Angry Birds players, and I'm stoked about being able to check the traffic every time I get in the car. In a meeting the other day our assistant principal mentioned an academic word list. Within minutes I googled it, downloaded the PDF and emailed it to my work address so I can print it out later. This morning I added Engrade, so now I can walk around the room and mark down which students have completed their assignments.

I know to some of you guys this is old hat, but I'm still amazed at what we can do with these tiny computers in our hands.

Yesterday I got Evernote and have been noodling around with it. Other than creating a grocery list and reminder that I need to buy a roll of raffle tickets for the yearbook raffle, I'm not sure exactly how else to use it. I read the John August post, but I also know that different people use it in different ways. I'm still figuring out my way.

Are there any other Apps you love? Particularly apps that you use to help with your screenwriting? I'm still figuring out how to get the most out of this absurd little piece of fantastic.


  1. It's almost more a feature than an app, but the thing about having a smart phone that has helped me most has been the voice recorder. At last I get everything down, even if driving. (It works with bluetooth.) It's meant fewer scratches on the the back of theatre programs and napkins.

  2. Voice texts.

    Slingplayer (connected to my $150, attached to my satellite receiver).

    Voice recorder for sure (for interviews, notes, samples of new songs).

    Google Calendar Sync (also connected to my Outlook on my laptop).

    Flashlight (seems simple, but frequently used).


    Kindle (not ideal for long reading sessions, but good for waiting rooms and the like).

    Winamp (way better than the stock music app, and since my phone is now my primary music player, this is a big deal).

  3. Thanks, Guys. I'll investigate all that.

    I've got the Nook, but yeah, reading on that tiny LCD screen seems uncomfortable. Watching a movie doesn't, though.

    I'll try out that Voice Recorder for sure. Hadn't thought about a flashlight, but it makes sense.

  4. Nothing to do with writing and it may only be relevant if you live in city with 71 streets named "Peachtree", must useful app I have (outside of texting etc) is a shortcut called "Go Home".

    Here's how to create it:

  5. 1. I thought the surgery was just a zombie setup leit-motif. Arrgh. I am a shitty friend. May I offer you some bacon?
    I'm getting caught up with your blog, I promise.
    2. I envy you that page you wrote. I need to churn out a page. Turning out a good page would feel really good.
    3. MY iphone runs Celtx. I really like Celtx. If you pay for the studio' option, you've got your scripts backed up, available anywhere you can get online. It's $49 a year, which is more than First Draft, I know, but it's convenient and I am using it for everything...when I write.
    4. Might we get together soon?


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