Friday, October 21, 2011

Stuff I'm up to

My rewrite is almost done. I'll do one more pass this weekend, then submit it to TrackingB. I gave up on most contests, but you can't argue with John Swetnam's success in last year's TrackingB - Evidence is filming now. So I enter TrackingB, The Nicholl, and sometimes Austin. That's about it.

During my last round of queries, a couple of people told me they want to see my next script, so that's the second thing I'll be doing with this script - sending it to the agents who want to see it. Hopefully it will give me the edge I need to land a new rep. I feel pretty good about this script. It's commercial, but still very much me.

Once that's done, I get to leap back into Burnside, which I've been dying to get back to for a very long time. It's a much more serious, straight action film that makes me want to run around and destroy shit.

The last three projects have been comedy, and even though I enjoy being absurd, I enjoy being dark and badass more. I love Martin Blank, but sometimes I really really want to be Neo. And let's face it, Neo has no sense of humor.

So that's my plan. Next week I'm going to try to post more. I have a lot to say about Halloween/Christmas movies, which seem to come around at the same time for some reason.


  1. Love your blog!

    I'm very new to this whole thing, so I have a question about querying.

    You mention your first round of queries. What was your process?

    Why you say that people wanted to read your next script, how did you get them to read your first script?

    For the script you sent out, what stage was your script and have you since revised it?


  2. Welcome to the international league of screenwriters!

    I wrote a couple of posts about my querying process. If you click on the label "queries" you can see all the steps I took.

    As for how I got people to read my next script, that'd be the queries. In my last round, a couple of people liked my voice but not necessarily the story, so they want to see the next thing I've got in case that's something they can sell. Reps like to be the first people to get to the new talent. If you can show them you have talent, you can get them interested. But this is my umpteenth script so I've been practicing.

    When I first sent that last script out, I had done about 5 drafts. I've now on draft 6, and for now have stopped rewriting. The current script is on draft 3, but I planned it out a lot more before I started this time, so my first draft was a lot stronger.

  3. I hope I'm still on that list to read your next script!

  4. You got it. I'll send it over right now.


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