Sunday, May 06, 2012

I'm learning to edit

At work this week they blocked Blogger. They do that at least once a month, then it will reappear for a while, then disappear again. I honestly think the IT guys are just fucking with me.

But I've also been busy. Not busy writing screenplays, which I am kind of doing but not enough, and not busy grading papers, which I've decided to pretend don't exist anymore, but busy editing a Lost Girl fan video.

I've had editing software and an external hard drive for a couple of years because I was going to learn to edit, but I never could figure out what to edit. I took some videos of my dog running around, but that's not really plot heavy, and after I proved to myself that I'm lukewarm about directing, I didn't really want to shoot anymore short films. So the dream of learning to edit kind of disappeared. I never had it in mind to actually be an editor or anything, I just wanted to learn to do it. But I never really did.

Then after I became obsessed with Lost Girl, I started watching fan videos on Youtube. There are some really good ones. This one is my favorite:

I think this video is amazing, and I envy this person's skills. I decided to nerd out and make one of my own using this as a model. I'm only following one character and using a much simpler song, but I've been at this a week and already have learned quite a bit about using the software. I wish I had thought of this ages ago, because it's much easier to learn to do this when you have two seasons of great shots to pull from and the story has already been told.

So that's what I'm up to. It's fun. Or, it was fun until I realized three days in that I had imported all my files using the wrong aspect ratio and had to start over from scratch. But this is how we learn.

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