Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My script hit the tracking boards yesterday. So that was pretty cool.

Here's the It's On The Grid posting. The description on other boards has listed it as a romcom in the style of "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" which is just awesome because I think Guy Ritchie is the bee's knees.

They got the title is wrong. The title of my script is not "How Did My Wedding Dress Get This Fucking Dirty"

The title of my script is "How My Wedding Dress Got This Fucking Dirty"

It's not a question, it's a statement. A question implies a confused protagonist, taken on an adventure out of her control. More comedy than action.

A statement implies certainty - a protagonist who now needs to explain how all this went down - more action with the comedy.

So the title matters, especially to my mom. She does not approve of the cuss word in my title.

But I'm still excited to be out there.

Now we wait.

In the meantime, if you have any questions I can answer, ask away. I need something to pass the time.


  1. hey I saw your title out on another board two days ago but since YOU didn't mention it then, I thought "who am I to ask?" congrats! another solid step to full-time.

  2. Hey Emily, just wanted to say congrats and best of luck on your spec. I just downloaded your script and look forward to reading over the weekend.


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